Danny Davis (OVW) Shoot Interview

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RF VIDEO flew all the way to KY to the OVW wrestling school for an exclusive interview with the man himself known as the Nightmare Danny Davis. This interview was conducted by a special guest for RF VIDEO!! We had Jim Cornette do the interview with Danny, since Jim knows him better than anyone else. The interview starts off with a personal tour of the OVW wrestling school that has trained the biggest names in the business like Randy Orton, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Batista and so many other WWE superstars. We got a real in depth tour of the school before we sat down with Danny Davis. We even went into the locker room at the OVW school as Danny and Jim shared so many stories on the biggest names in the business.

Jim Cornette started the interview asking Danny about his start in the business and how he broke into wrestling. You will hear amazing stories on how he broke into the business in the 70’s and what the Memphis territory was like at that time. Do you want crazy Stu Hart stories from Canada? How did he meet Ken Wayne his tag team partner and how did they form the Nightmares? Danny talks about his time in the Memphis territory and of course Continental Wrestling and he has so many stories on guys like the Fullers, Dutch Mantell, Jerry Lawler, Eddie Gilbert, Tom Prichard, Midnights and so many others. He also talks in great detail about what it was like working with Eddie Gilbert as the booker in continental in 1989. Danny really has worked with the biggest names in the business and of course being in the Memphis territory he has stories on everyone from Brian Christopher, Bill Dundee, Sid Vicious, and everyone who passed thru the Memphis locker rooms. Danny also worked for WCW and he worked for WCCW as well in the late to mid 90’s and talks about working with Jeff Jarrett and of course we ask him about working in Global!!!

Danny and Jim at one time ran the WWE developmental system in KY and trained the biggest names in the business today. They talk in great detail for the very first time on how the deal came about, how it was structured and what obstacles they faced while under the watch of the WWE and what led to the deal ending. This is just an amazing part of his interview because OVW was the spot that EVERYONE had to go thru before they were called to TV for the WWE. If anyone has stories it is Danny Davis and with Jim Cornette asking the “right” questions to get Danny going you can’t ask for anything else. The OVW/WWE split is discussed in great detail as it’s a great story that will have your head spinning. Why did the deal with TNA fail and what happened with ROH and OVW when they ran shows together in the Davis arena.

This interview has something for everyone, you get to see the Davis arena and go behind the scenes to where all the WWE stars learned their craft. You than get a great shoot interview with Danny Davis for all of you old school fans out there who loved the territories down South. You also get so many current behind the scene WWE stories shared by Jim Cornette and Danny Davis.