ECW Fancam 8/26/99 Queens, NY

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RAVEN RETURNS – One of the wildest nights for ECW action of all time featuring the most anticipated return of any wrestler in ECW history as Raven comes home. Also featured are the final matches in ECW for the Dudleys before leaving for the WWF.

1. Taz vs Yoshihiro Tajiri

2. Danny Doring vs C.W. Anderson

3. Uganda vs Vito Lograsso

4. Super Crazy vs Rhino

5. Nova & Chris Chetti vs FBI vs Simon Diamond & Tony DeVito

6. Spike Dudley & Balls Mahoney vs Dudleys

7. Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn

8. Dudleys call out Tommy Dreamer

9. Dudleys vs Tommy Dreamer & Raven