Jim Cornette UK Tour Full Events

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Jim Cornette live recordings features all four events on individual discs and includes:

Manchester – Night 1 (Runtime: 2hr. 29min.)
Working with and being fired by TNA
Shooting on Russo’s Brawl for All concept
Memories of The Big Bossman
Thoughts on Eric Bischoff
Jim Cornette’s time in ROH
And more!

Birmingham – Night 2 (Runtime: 2hr. 20min.)
The Ultimate Warrior from Jim’s perspective
The real stoy about the Dairy Queen drive through incident
Opinions on Chris Benoit now
Opinions on Dave Meltzer
Problems with Santino Marella in OVW
And more!

London – Night 3 (Runtime: 2hr. 27min.)
Dealing with The Kliq in WWE
The Hickerson Rib Story
Jim shoots on Batista
Owen Hart’s greatest prank ever or not?
The Iron Sheik in a bar story
And more!

Cardiff – Night 4 (Runtime: 2hr. 25min.)
Undertaker/Mankind Hell in a Cell match
The WWE Network and it’s future
Did Hulk Hogan break his own sex tape?
Brock Lesnar in OVW and why they called him Block Lesnar!
Which wrestling deaths have hit Jim hardest?
And more!