Mouthpiece- Managers of Pro Wrestling

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Sometimes controversial, oftentimes outrageous, but always memorable, managers have been an integral part of the wrestling landscape since the early days of the sport. From the Louisville Lip Jim Cornette to the first lady of wrestling Miss Elizabeth, a good manager can have as much an impact to the fans as the wrestler or wrestlers they accompany to the ring. Whether it’s drawing heat from a rabid audience to the point of near panic, taking a crowd pleasing bump, or cutting promos for wrestlers still developing their character, a good manager can turn a bad match in a watchable one, and take a great match to the rarified air of “unforgettable.” MOUTH PIECE is a look at the sport of professional wrestling from those who watched every match with the best seat in the house. Wrestling’s greatest managers and valets will give you their first hand account of working with the sport’s biggest stars and most colorful characters.
You’ve cheered them. You’ve booed them. Now you can watch them as they give each and every fan a unique look at the men they spent their whole careers trying to get over. Welcome to MOUTH PIECE.

Featuring some of the classic managers pro wrestling has to offer..

Bobby Heenan
Jimmy Hart
Mr. Fuji
JJ Dillion
Paul Ellering
Gary Hart
Capt Lou Albano
Ted Dibiase
Jim Cornette
Baby Doll
Sheri Martel
Pal Bearer
Oliver Humperdink
Kimberly Page
Bill Alfonso

Mouthpiece takes a journey down the path of the lost artform.
Discusses how these legends broke into the business.
Some were wrestlers, some were towel guys..
From there the managers talk about the wrestlers they managed
share tales from the road, ribs, tributes to each other, and who they didnt get along with