$10 Rasslin Saturday Afternoon’s Main Event 1/26/19

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1. Rumble Royale Match
2. The Porter Family (James, Bryan Porter) & The Iceman vs. The Nasty Kritters (Scum, Skeeter, Scrub)
3. Freight Train vs. Nosferatu
4. Jeff Hart vs. Porkchop Cash Jr.
5. Jay Impact vs. Scott Patterson vs. Joey Nitro vs. Super America vs. Little Donnie (5 Way Ladder Match for Mizfit Title)
6. Bob Armstrong & Mike Jackson vs. Johnny Rage & Greg Dotson
7. Priscilla Kelly vs. Psycho Circus
8. Juicy Bruce & Joey Nitro vs. Rated X vs. Nasty Kritters vs. New Religion vs. Porter Family (Tag Team Gauntlet Match)
9. Phil Macchio vs. Little Donnie
10. The True Americans (Super America & Homeless Porkchop Cash Jr.) vs. The Canadian Outlaws (Jeff Hart & Little Donnie w/ Sydney Bakabella) – (Tag Team Flag Match)
11. The Nation of Defecation (Boriss Dukkee, Major Havoc and Dixie w/ Ape Shit & Mikey) vs. New Religion (Jay Impact, Scott Patterson & Bubba Duke) – (War Games Steel Cage Match)