Abdullah The Butcher Shoot Interview

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This is a very rare video, as in his 30 plus year career Abdullah has rarely even spoke on camera. Not only does Abby speak, but he gets totally down to earth & out of character. Abdullah came across as entertaining, informative, very funny & intelligent. Abby speaks about a ton of subjects including his memorable feud with Bruiser Brody, being on a hijacked plane,why he left All Japan,why he left New Japan,his early years in the business & how he got his gimmick,his tag matches with the Sheik vs The Funks,his planned feud with Hogan that never happened in the eighties in the WWF,his WCW lawsuit,ECW,Sabu,Dusty Rhodes,Jerry Lawler, Mr.Pogo, Atsushi Onita, Giant Baba & a ton more. Some of the best stuff is when Abby lifts his shirt up & shows us his scars & lets us stick a quarter in his forehead.We even have on camera room service delivering him food & him messing with them. This is one that will go down as a classic. Shoot Interview fans & that of Abdullah (who isn’t a fan) will watch this over & over.