Adam Cole Shoot Interview

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Every so often in professional wrestling you find a gem in the indy scene.  A guy who you know has the “it” factor. A guy who you know will make it to the next level if given the chance.  A guy who could work in the ring and someone who has potential to be a major player in the big leagues if given the chance.

I found that gem on the indy scene and his name is Adam Cole.  Adam Cole has done everything right in the wrestling business.  He has been trained at different schools, and made those sacrifices to better himself as a professional wrestler.  Adam did the right thing by networking with promoters at a young age and getting work at as many different indy companies as he could until it made a difference.

That difference for Adam Cole happened when his work got noticed in CZW by DJ Hyde.  Thru his hard work and determination Adam Cole went on working with companies like ROH where he is currently a top guy, Evolve, PWG and has worked all over the world for promoters.
This shoot interview with Adam Cole covers his time on the indy scene and how he got his spot in CZW.  How did he get recognized by DJ Hyde. What was it like to work with all the top names in CZW?  How did he like working with one of his biggest rivals Sami Callihan, he was the longest reining CZW Jr Heavyweight Champion and he has thoughts about that title.  What were his thoughts on winning the Best of The Best Tournament in CZW.  If you are a fan of CZW you will love this interview.

As Adam Cole grew his legacy also began to grow and he was noticed by the booker in ROH.  You will hear how he got his spot in ROH and its a shocking story.  What were his thoughts on working with Jim Cornette and Adam Pearce?  You will hear tons of ROH stories on this DVD as well as Adam has had some of his best matches to date for that company.

Adam has also already made a name for himself and it’s no secret that 2013 might be the year that he gets his big break and gets called up to the biggest game in town which is the WWE.  During this interview you will hear tons of stories on all of the sacrifices that Adam had to make to earn his spot and get to where he is today.

If you’re a fan of indy wrestling this is one shoot interview you will not want to miss.  Adam has worked for all the top indy companies in this country and has some amazing stories to share to you.  In 5 years from now you might watch this DVD on a Monday night and than at 9PM turn on Raw and be watching Adam Cole performing on TV entertaining the masses.