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RF Video is happy to bring to you a brand new shoot interview with Adam Pearce. Not only was Adam Pearce one of the indy circuits hottest talents as he was booked in all of the top companies like IWA Mid South, Steel Domain, NWA, ROH, PWG, WWF, WCW, UPW, APW, New Japan and Mexico!! Adam was a major talent over the world in the last decade but he also became the head ROH booker and replaced a fired Gabe Sapolsky in a very controversial move as Adam talks all about how it transpired in this tell all shoot interview with RF VIDEO!!!

Adam Pearce is one of those guys who is a true student of the game. He got involved in the Pro Wrestling business at a very young age and has seen it all. He paid his dues working the indy scene in the United states and worked all over MN, WI, CA, MI and made a huge impact and name for himself by working with guys like CM Punk, Colt Cabana, Chris Hero, Joey Ryan and all the top indy stars from the late 90’s and early years of 2000.

Our interview with Adam starts at the beginning as you will get all of his early stories on his career what it was like to travel the States at a young age and get to work in all the top indy companies. Adam brings so many great stories on what it was like to work with the biggest names on the indy scene like Chris Daniels, Samoa Joe, CM Punk, and even a green John Cena.

Adam’s talents got him to work a lot for the WWE and he caught the eye of Terry Taylor who eventually tried to sign him to a deal later down the road at WCW and you will find out why Adam rejected the contract and remained on the indy scene. Adam built up his name working in CA for PWG, UPW, AWS and he was also involved in one of Pro Wrestlings most influential wrestling tournaments the King of the Indys!!! You will get all the stories from each company as he shares many road and locker room stories from his time in all of these companies.

How did Adam get hired by ROH and what were his real thoughts on the company when he made his debut. Did he get along with Gabe right off the bat? What were his thoughts on the CZW vs ROH feud? What was it like working with Jim Cornette in ROH and of course what really went down before and after he replaced Gabe and how much tension was there from the fall out?

Adam talks all about his roles in the ROH company as head booker as we discuss all of his decisions and booking plans at the time. You will get the full run down on the ROH locker room including talent and office staff as there were a few guys that Adam won’t ever be sending Xmas cards too and in fact a few people that tried to sabotage his run in ROH by doing underhanded things to get him out of the company. Adam talks about all of this in full detail holding nothing back!!

Adam also was able to build of the NWA brand when he became champion and we talk all about his NWA run as world champion and his matches with Colt Cabana which are still talked about today. Adam has so many stories to tell because he has been around all of the biggest names that are now on the WWE as top talents and he has worked with everyone over the past 15 years that has made a name for themselves. When you watch this shoot interview you can tell that Adam is one of those guys who takes this business very serious and it shows that he has a passion for the business like no other.

Just like his work in the ring, Adam delivers a solid 5 star shoot interview with RFVIDEO that holds nothing back. If you love the indy scene and are a true ROH fan this shoot is a must because his stories are endless!!!

What are your first memories of the business?

Talk about your athletic background before getting into professional

Discuss your issue with Acute Muscular Compartment Syndrome and
undergoing surgery for it?

How hard was the physical therapy following the surgery?

The urban legend is that you crossed paths with Sonny Rogers and Randy
Ricci and began training under them. Give those unfamiliar with them
some background on them and discuss what made you begin training?

Discuss how you were trained and broken in and compare it to how guys
are broken in today? What are the differences?

Is it true you started wrestling before you even left High School?

How did your family feel about you getting in the business based on
your past health issues?

Talk about what the independent scene was like in the mid-west in the
early 1990s?

How hard was it to start networking and breaking in on the indies?

That was during ECW’s era. In 1996-1997, was there a big ECW influence
on guys breaking in and on the style guys were doing in the

Did you ever try to get a ECW tryout?

Who were some of the guys that were around when you were breaking in
that you thought would make it but didn’t?

How do you first learn locker room etiquette and what are the biggest
mistakes you made at that time?

How has locker room etiquette changed from when you broke in to today?

Your first memories of meeting and working with Dave Prazak, who was
managing on the indy scene at the time?

Did you ever envision he’d be promoting wrestling?

Memories of working for Dan Curtis and the NSWA in Michigan?

Talk about the Michigan vs. East Coast feud there.

You had a chance to work with Reckless Youth a few times during that
era. Memories of wrestling him and whether you are surprised he didn’t
break through on a national level?

Memories of working for IWA Mid-South and Ian Rotten?

Memories of working for Carmine DiSpirito’s Mid American Wrestling

Memories of your first European tour in 1998?

What made you start training at the Steel Domain Training Center after
you had already been in the business for some time?

What were the differences in how they trained vs. Sonny Rogers and
Randy Ricci?

Who were some of the other guys training there at the time?

How different were the indy crowds in different states as you started
to branch out. Is there a difference between say, fans in Michigan and
fans in Minnesota?

The fans in the Northeast get a lot of grief among the wrestlers for
expecting too much – do you think that’s a fair assessment or do indy
fans in general just expect guys to work hard?

Memories of training under Ace Steel and Danny Dominion?

Your first impressions of CM Punk and Colt Cabana?

Is it true you and Cabana were HS football rivals?

Punk has a reputation for people either loving or hating him? Why do
you think he is that way?

Break down the origins of the Gold Bond Mafia.

Whatever happened to Chuck E. Smooth?

Memories of feuding with Dino Bambino and Adrian Lynch in All-Star
Championship Wrestling in Green Bay, Wisconsin?

When you see so many people that you worked with on the indies never
break out and make it to the next level, what is it that gets a talent
to break out and get to the next level? Is it luck and timing more
than talent and drive?

Memories of working for Bert Prentice’s Music City Wrestling?

Memories of working Norm Connors’ Steel City Wrestling?

As you start to break out and wrestle on indies all over the country,
what’s that travel like for you in terms of maintaining personal
relationships with your family and friends? What’s it like putting
wrestling before everything else in your life? Do you ever get to a
point where you regret it?

Talk about working for WWF in enhancement roles. Today they keep a
database and call people – but how do you go about getting booked
during that time period? Talk about the differences backstage between
the indies and your first time backstage at a WWF taping? Who were the
easiest and hardest to work with there?

Obviously, you want to get a gig with a national promotion in the
1990s. It’s the Monday Night Wars era and there’s a lot of money to be
made by everyone. Which promotion did you prefer – WWF or WCW?

You went through a tryout at the WCW Power Plant. Who were the
trainers there at the time? How insane was the regimen they put you
through? Who were some of the other guys that tried out? What are
your memories of the day?

You were offered a WCW deal at the time by Terry Taylor but turned it
down. Why did you turn it down and were you worried at the time that
you were going to blackball yourself out of WCW?

Compare your tryouts with WWF to the tryouts with WCW?

Compare how WCW ran vs. how WWF ran from a wrestler’s standpoint in
your experiences for each promotion?

Memories of working the short-live WXO? How did you get booked for
that promotion? What are your memories of the taping? There was a
pretty eclectic group of people working the taping – everyone from John
Zandig to John Laurinaitis- what are your memories of that promotion?

They bought a lot of TV time nationally, so when the show began airing,
did you think it was going to take off or could you see it crashing and
burning at that first taping?

Ted DiBiase was the front man on TV, but who actually owned it?

After WXO, you quit the business. What were you doing while you were
gone from it?

Who or what made you return?

When did you make the decision to relocate to the West Coast as around
this time, you start popping up on a lot of the Southwestern indies?

What were the differences between the Mid-West and the Cali indy scenes
at the time?

When you returned you worked for one of the real characters in the
business – Rick Bassman. Memories of working with Bassman for his UPW

Memories of Hardkore Inc with Aaron Aguilera? Are you surprised his
WWE run was so short?

The UPW roster had an amazing roster featuring everyone from John Cena
to Samoa Joe to Kazarian to Chris Masters. Who were your favorite guy
to work with during that era?

Were you surprised to learn WWE bought the UPW tape library?

Memories of working one of the most legendary indy shows of all time,
the APW King of the Indies?

Memories of working for Gary Yap’s EPIC? Why do you think it flamed
out as quickly as it did.

Memories of working for Millennium Pro Wrestling and AWS in Los Angeles?

Thoughts on the early days of PWG and did you think a promotion owned
by and run by the wrestlers could work? Do you ever wish you had been
one of the early owners?

Memories of feuding with Frankie Kazarian over the PWG title?

Memories of Super Dragon, Sara del Rey, Babi Slymm, Joey Ryan and
others who worked PWG in the early days?

What’s your favorite Super Dragon story?

When did you first get involved with booking matches and putting shows
together? Was that something you were always interested in?

You first started booking for AWS in California. What were the lessons
that you learned early on as a booker regarding what worked and what
didn’t work? You helped the promotion build itself up, so explain what
your out booking was and break down how you were able to build it?

How did you first get hooked up with working for XLUM in Mexico?

What’s it like being an American heel in a foreign country?

Ever fear for your safety?

Memories of working with the following in Mexico: Rey Sr., Psicosos,
Venum Black, Extreme Tiger, Hijo del Santo, Damien 666, Halloween.

How different are Lucha fans from wrestling fans in the United States?

Talk about the angle where you ran and attacked Hijo del Santo at
Jaulamania 2004?

Discuss the decision to turn you babyface in XLUM?

Obviously most of your career, you have worked as a heel, so was that
change refreshing?

What led to XLUM shutting down?

What’s your favorite experience traveling in Mexico?

Ever have any issues at the border?

How did you first get hooked up with the New Japan Dojo in Los Angeles?

First memories of Dave Marquez? What’s the best and worst thing about

Memories of the Toukon Fighting Spirit TV show in LA?
Break down your storyline with Toru Yano?

What was your reaction when you were booked to work New Japan?

Memories of working in the Tokyo Dome in 2005 vs. George Castro?

What’s New Japan like to work for vs. WWE?

Is it true you turned down additional NJPW tours? Do you regret it?

Through the NJPW connection, you began working with Marquez on a lot of
different projects using the NWA name and obviously Championship
Wrestling from Hollywood – what are your thoughts on what he’s built
with CWH?

How did you first end up in Full Impact Pro in Florida?

First thoughts on Gabe Sapolsky, who was booking there and in ROH?

You began working in ROH. When did you first learn of ROH and what
made you want to work for the company?

First memories of Cary Silkin?

What were your thoughts on Gabe’s booking style in ROH?

Thoughts on the ROH locker room at the time?

Your initial storyline was that you didn’t feel Jim Cornette was giving
you quality opponents at the time. When did you first cross paths with
Cornette in the business? Favorite memories of working with him?

Thoughts on the ROH vs. CZW feud: working with Necro Butcher, Eddie
Kingston, Nate Webb and Chris Hero?

What led to you becoming LT. Commissioner of ROH in storylines?

Talk about the CZW vs. ROH at ROH’s 100th show. You got really hurt
and needed 20 staples in your head – what happened?

Memories of the ROH vs. CZW Cage of Death match at Death Before
Dishonor IV?

Memories of the post-match angle where you, JJ Dillon and Jim Cornette
beat Homicide down?

How was Homicide as a worker during your feud? Favorite memories of
working with him?

Where did the angle for Shane Hagadorn becoming your second come from?

Why did the Homicide match never really have a blowoff? You had the
cage match against him in Chicago, but that didn’t appear to be the
blow off to the feud as there were angles later on – so what happened

You form the Hangmen Three in ROH with BJ Whitmer and Brent Albright –
what are your favorite stories of working with them?

Why did Albright leave the business?

Memories of working with Larry Sweeney?

Were you aware he was having personal issues when you were working with
him as your manager?

How do you think he should be remembered in the business?

You began carrying a briefcase in ROH and it was eventually revealed to
be the NWA championship – who put together the deal for the belt to
appear in ROH?

Were you excited to bring the belt to ROH?

Memories of the title vs. title match with ROH champion Nigel
McGuinness in Dayton, Ohio.

You did the finish with the “over the top” DQ – do you think finishes
like that today have a place in wrestling?

Memories of your feud with Brent Albright in ROH?

Who put together the deal for the NWA title to change hands at the
Hammerstein Ballroom in August 2008?

Is it true Gabe Sapolsky thought that the match wasn’t going to get
over with the fans live?

When it did, what was his reaction?

Do you think that was your finest on-camera hour in ROH?

ROH announces you have been released in September 2009 – what happened?

Behind the scenes, Cary Silkin is making moves to replace Gabe as
booker. When were you first approached about replacing Gabe? What
were you told about why they were firing him?

Were you aware they wanted you to take the booking job when you were
publicly let go?

Did you ever reach out to Gabe? If not, why not?

What were your goals when you got the job?

Is it true you were hired because they didn’t trust Gabe to be able to
produce ROH on HD Net?

How hard is it to pick up the threads of someone else’s storylines and
make them your own? Was it hard to get the locker room on your side?

What was your first communication with ROH’s roster at the time when
you were named booker? Were you apprehensive about walking into
someone else’s locker room and running the show?
What changes were you asked to bring to ROH? Talk about the talents
you brought into ROH as booker that had never been there before?

Why did you pull yourself off TV?

Discuss Cary Silkin, your dealings with him and what the biggest fights
with him to get your creative vision through were like? What are the
best and worst things about Cary as a boss and a person?

Was it hard getting a read on the ROH audience? How different was it
booking for them as opposed to AWS in California or NWA events?

Do you feel you overdid it with some of the DQs and run-ins?

Memories of working with…
Kevin Steen
El Generico
Roderick Strong
Dark City Fight Club
Dave Lagana
The Briscoes
Jim Cornette
Davey Richards
Eddie Edwards
Brent Albright
Colt Cabana
Jerry Lynn
Chris Hero
Bryan Danielson
Rasche Brown

What led to you being released by ROH?

There’s been a few times ROH wanted to bring you in as an announcer and
it was blocked – your thoughts on that situation and whether you think
you will work for ROH down the line?

Let’s talk about the NWA title – Sweet Charlotte. Over the last few
years, you’ve been one of the bigger proponents of the title. Why was
it still so important to you when the landscape has changed so much?

How frustrating has it been for you to watch the ongoing trials and
tribulations with that belt?

You and Cabana did a big feud inCWH to build to Cabana getting the belt
–talk about building to that moment where you dropped the belt to Colt?

Did the NWA ever “get” Cabana? Obviously Marquez did, but did anyone

Did you feel all your time was wasted when they put the belt on the

Is it true the Sheik refused to drop the belt back to you because he
was afraid you were going to shoot in the ring?

Memories of working Blue Demon Jr. for the belt?

Memories of the Best of seven feud with Colt Cabana?

Talk about Bruce Tharpe gaining control of the NWA – how did that
happen? One minute he’s suing over an alleged insurance issue and then
he’s in control of everything. Talk us through your observations of
that whole deal.

Discuss how this all ruined your best of seven series with Colt and led
to you and he vacating the NWA title in Australia?

You’ve worked a few times for NWA members since – is it the same? Do
you still hold the same pride for that title?

What does it say about the NWA when Marquez leaves and so many other
members have quit?

Talk about why you made your documentary on the Colt Cabana feud?

Were you happy with the response to the film?

How did Cabana and the NWA react to the final product?

How has Cabana changed from the first time you met him?

What do you think is the secret of his success? Can other guys
duplicate it or is it something that only works for him?

You’ve had a chance to team with him for Juggalo Wrestling – thoughts
on him as a tag partner and the anti-Juggalo police gimmick? Do you
like working in front of that crowd?

In Match 2013, you were brought in by TNA to take part in the Gutcheck
challenge on Impact Wrestling – how did that come about?

You ended up eliminated. Was that always the plan when you were
brought in? How much were you aware of when you were booked?

What’s it like going through the Gutcheck in comparison to a regular
pro wrestling segment? How much is kayfabed from you?

Thoughts on TNA from the few weeks you were there?

It seemed like your exit was teasing that you would return there? Was
there an angle that was dropped and if so, why?

What do you think are the biggest problems TNA has?

About a year ago, you teased that you would be retiring? Do you still
want to? Was it a work to get attention? What are your plans in terms
of getting out of the ring?

Discuss going through the tryout to be the voice of the San Diego

Would you want to book a promotion again?

What do you see the future of the NWA as being?

How about Ring of Honor?

One thing we haven’t talk about yet is wrestling promos – what makes a
good talker? How hard or easy was it for it to come to you?

You’ve often been compared to Harley Race in your delivery – do you
think more guys should speak and conduct themselves in that way as a

What’s the best promo you’ve ever given in your life?

Is there a place for an old school heel in today’s wrestling?

What do you think was the best job you’ve ever done at getting heat in
your life?

Have you ever had to assault a fan to protect yourself?

What’s the worst thing about how the business has evolved?

You recently spent several weeks training talents as a guest coach at
the WWE Performance Center – discuss the experience?

What do you like about their training regimen and what do you think you
can bring to it to improve it?

Who are some of the talents that really impressed you there?

How different do you think your career would have been if you could
have trained in a facility like the PC when you broke in?

Favorite and least favorite international travel stories?

What’s your favorite country that you’ve been to?

Is there anywhere you’d like to travel to and wrestle that you’ve yet
to go?

What’s the most electric crowd you’ve ever worked in front of?

What’s the best rib you’ve ever been involved in?

Where do you want Adam Pearce to be five years from now?

Any final words for the fans out there?