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Everyone has a dream to be famous when they are a kid and Rose who was born in a small town in Africa wanted to be a famous professional wrestler ever since he was 10 years old. His dream became a reality after wrestling in small indy feds in Africa but he knew he needed to get out of the country if we wanted to be discovered and lucky for him, his long time pal Justin Gabriel was able to get out before him and break into the WWE.    It was than that Justin Gabriel called back to Adam who was still in Africa and semi retired and asked him if he wanted a job in the WWE.  He hadn’t stepped inside a ring in over a year and yet flew over to the states for a WWE try out and got hired.   Now for the first time ever Rose sits down with RF VIDEO to discuss his WWE run that was filled with ups and downs and you will hear all about what really happened between the two sides when Rose asked for his released after months of controversy  surrounding his drug related suspension and recent arrest that was later dropped.

We talk about all of the early parts of his career in Africa and what it was training in another country.  How shocked was he once he got to the states and why did he want to quit after a few weeks?  Who was his mentor in FCW and what did he learn from Terry Taylor, Dusty Rhodes and the other mentors at FCW.  What did Adam think about Bill Demott and did he feel that Bill was a hard trainer to work with?  Rose was around all the biggest names you see on TV each week before they were stars like Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Low Ki, Xavier Woods, Bray Wyatt, Sandow and the list goes on and on.  You will hear a lot of stories of these guys before they got called up to TV while they were still in the developmental system.

How did his character evolve from Leo Kruger to Adam Rose.  Who helped him with the transition and what road blocks did he face.  What was HHH like to be around as a boss and how approachable was Vince. Although he didn’t spend much time in NXT, Adam was one of the first ever stars to be called up to TV and be apart of the main rooster.  Was it too soon and was he happy with the Adam Rose character.  You will hear how he would have booked him instead of what you saw on TV.  What was going on behind the scenes with the writers and how much pressure did he feel he needed to succeed before they were to pull the plug.  How did the ESPN piece effect his run if it did at all.  Who was the bunny and what Rose Buds did he like the best.  We talk about his run with Sandow, Zack Ryder, Fandango and other top WWE superstars.

Rose holds nothing back when talking about the different partners he teamed with during his run with the Social Outcasts and other partners he was put with before that angle.  What really happened when he failed his test with the Wellness Policy.  Who from the WWE contacted him during this time and what made him go to twitter?  Why did he delete his post and repost it a week later?  Was someone from the company messing with him during this time?  Rose talks candid about his frustrations with his push or lack of. Rose really wanted to set the record straight about his arrest and he tells his side of the story and why the charges were dropped.   What made him ask for his release with the WWE?

This is a really open and honest interview that we did with Rose and I think it felt good for him to get a lot off his chest.  I know you guys will really enjoy this one especially if you watch WWE each week, he has stories on almost everyone including the biggest names like John Cena, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Goldust, Wyatts and so many more.

First of all, let’s talk about growing up in South Africa and what that was like culturally compared to the United States?
What are your first memories of pro wrestling?  What promotions were aired in South Africa?  Who were your favorites?
In the ESPN documentary on NXT (which will talk about later), your wife said that you’d wanted to become a pro wrestler since you were 10 years old – what inspired you to want to become a wrestler?
You’ve noted publicly that there were several years where you were homeless and lived in abandoned buildings.  Do you mind talk about your family background and how you ended up living that way at such a young age?
Was pro wrestling your hope to get past everything?
Talk about how you first started training in South Africa and what the training was like?
What was the local independent scene like there at the time?
Did you know Justin Gabriel over there at the time?  What are your memories of him at that stage of his career?
Memories of working for WWP in South Africa and what were the fans like there?  Were they smart to the business?
The urban legend is you initially wrestled as Z-Max, a character inspired by The Karate Kid – describe how you came up with the character and what you were like early in your career?
Talk about some of the other names and personas you used in South Africa?
Were there any talents there you expected would make it past the local scene?
Were guys even trying to do that or were they happy to be wrestling locally?
How hard was it to get yourself noticed outside of South Africa?
Are you disapointed you never got to go back and work there while you were with WWE?
 Talk about the WWE tryout process and how you connected with WWE management?  Did it take a long time and who did you first communicate with?
What advice do you give to international talents who want to get WWE’s attention?
What was the tryout like?

What sort of guidance do they give you in terms of what they want for you to improve on?

When do you finally learn they want to sign you?

What do you think were the qualities that made them want to sign you?
WWE is big on having international talents, do you think being from South Africa made you a more desirable hire for them?
Talk about the WWE Wellness Policy testing you have to go through in order to be hired?  How intensive is it?
Was it hard leaving South Africa for America?
Any big culture shock moments when you got to the United States?
Initial thoughts on FCW and the developmental system at the time?
Compare the training schedule there to training in South Africa?
First impressions of the following coaches:
Bill DeMott
Matt Bloom
Norman Smiley
Terry Taylor
Steve Keirn
Billy Kidman
Dusty Rhodes
Bill Demott obviously resigned from the company when there were allegations that he was too rough and pushed people too hard – what were your memories and perceptions of DeMott?  Did he just have people he didn’t like?  Was he just trying to toughen people up?
There was a lot of talk about how grueling Bill DeMott’s training drills were – how bad were they really?
Do you think that sort of training has to be done excessively or does it get to the point where it’s actually hurting the talent?
Were you surprised when all the letters knocking DeMott came out and he quit?
What was the reaction of the wrestlers when he quit?
Do you think he got a  bad rap?
Which coaches do you personally think you helped you the most?
Was there someone you felt never “got” you and why do you think that was?
Did you ever feel that there was someone who you really had to prove yourself to and if so, how did you do it?
What’s the pressure like knowing you’ve gotten signed and uprooted your life and you don’t want to lose it all and go back home?
What are some of the common mistakes you see talents make when they are first signed to developmental deals?
What were the mistakes you made early on in your tenure?
Who is the most underrated person in the developmental system right now that works the hardest and probably doesn’t get the attention they deserve?
Talk about where the Leo Kruger name came from and how you began to develop the character?
Memories of teaming witj Derrick Bateman as the Handsome Men Express and thoughts on his success as EC3?
Why do you think WWE missed the boat with him?
Talk about what caused your neck inury in FCW and what it was like getting over it?

Memories of working with the following in FCW and initial memories of them?

Damien Sandow
Curt Hawkins
Johnny Curtis aka Fandango
Jacob Novak
Eli Cottonwood
Duke Rotundo aka Bray Wyatt
Big E
Titus O’Neil
Wes Brisco
Justin Gabriel
Tyler Reks
Richie Steamboat
Hunico aka Sin Cara #2
Xavier Woods
CJ Parker
Bo Rotunda aka Bo Dallas
Seth Rollins
Dean Ambrose

Low Ki
Jason Jordan
Aiden English
Brad Maddox
Leakee aka Roman Reigns
Urban legend time – is it true Yoshi Tatsu kicked Sheamus’ ass in developmental?  If so, what was the story?
Are you surprised Richie Steamboat didn’t make it?  Where do you think he would be in WWE if he hadn’t been injured?
Talk about the FCW schedule of the time?
Memories of taping FCW TV and what the process was like vs. how WWE tapes Raw, NXT, etc.
Who runs the creative end of FCW at the time?
Thoughts on when they gave you the run with the FCW title?
Did you think you were on your way to getting to the main roster?
WWE sends you on the road with the main roster – you work Alex Riley in Madison Square Garden at your debut there – what do you remember about the match?
How hard is it to go out there cold when the audience doesn’t know who you are?
What feedback did you receive from WWE management at the time?
The reason we ask is that a constant complaint pre-NXT was that there was no real communication so wrestlers didn’t know what they were doing right or had to improve on – was that your experience?
Was there anyone from FCW you thought was going to be a big star but then it didn’t happen?
 Let’s talk about the changeover from FCW to NXT – how worried were people when the decision was made to change it all over and move it to Orlando?
There were a lot of rumors at the time that WWE was going to just shut down FCW – how freaked were the boys as all this was going on?

First impressions of HHH as a boss and dealing with him personally?

What do you think his vision is for the future of WWE?

For anyone who hasn’t been inside the Performance Center, walk us through a tour of what the facility is like compared to your average wrestling school?

Give us a rundown of the average week working out in the PC – break down the different classes that go on there.

How specialized is the training program per talent?

Take us through an average week at the Performance Center vs. FCW?

Memories of the official Performance Center opening?
Obviously both Leo Kruger and Adam Rose were characters that allowed you to show personality and speaking skills, so talk about what it’s like at Promo Class in the Performance Center?
Who do you think was the more interesting promo – Rose or Kruger?

Break down how you created each character and how involved were the agents, producers, coaches, etc. in helping you to figure them out and make them work?

Memories of working with Dusty Rhodes?

What was the best advice you received from Dusty when it came to promos and the psychology of the business?

Talk about the Full Sail University venue and how important it was to building NXT?
Initial memories of working the initial taping there?

Who are the unsung heroes of NXT?

Compare the difference between backstage at NXT shows and main roster events?

When did you first learn NXT was going to be on the WWE Network?

Talk about what it meant to the crew to be the first live special on the Network with Takeover?

Do you think people in the WWE main office were shocked by how successful NXT has become over the last several years?

Do you think there is jealousy from the main roster or even the main creative team towards NXT’s success?

Early on in the NXT run, they begin to change the Leo character to be more of a hunter and mercenary.  Who suggested the changes and why were they made?
Did you feel they enhanced your work or were a step in the wrong direction at the time?

Memories of working the following in NXT:

Percy Watson
Kassius Ohno aka Chris Hero
Trent Baretta
Mason Ryan
Yoshi Tatsu
Baron Corbin
Angelo Dawkins
Troy McClain
Ricardo Rodriguez
Tyson LKidd
Tue Dillinger
Sylvester LeFort
Marcus Louis
Enzo and Cass

Memories of the feud with Sami Zayn in NXT?

You go work a loop of house shows against Ted DiBiase -how are they received?

Tou do another loop where you team with Jack Swagger – was that done as a test run for a potential main roster team?

At some point during this, you are suspended for a WWE Wellness failure – do you mind going into what happened?

What do you think Leo Kruger was missing at this point?

Are you personally worried you are going to get cut?
When do you find out that you’ve been chosen to be filmed in the ESPN documentary?
Did you have any problem with them filming you and showing your family life?
How long were you filmed?
During the documentary, we learn about your son and his special health needs – for fans who don’t know, would you mind talking about how you felt about letting that aspect of your life be seen?
How is your son doing health-wise today?
There have been reviews of the film that said that after you see you and your family in the film, there’s no way people would never want to cheer for you or get behind you to succeed – how do you feel about that?
Now, In the ESPN documentary, it is also portrayed that you are close to being cut and likely would have been gone if the character didn’t take off – were you aware of that at the time?
Thoughts on the film and how you were portrayed in it?
Was anything in the film presented in a way that you felt wasn’t fair or correct?

Where does the Adam Rose character inspiration come from beyond Russell Brand in the “Get Him to the Greek” film?

Who comes up with the initial idea and how is it fleshed out?

Where did the Rosebuds come from?
Who was responsible for the entrance choreography?
As Adam Rose, you pretty much changed your look, your moves, your personality, everything – how hard was it to change gears and completely re-make yourself?
How long did it take you to get the new gimmick down?
Memories of the night Adam debuted on NXT TV?
The first vignette where you are running the party and it’s basically this big rave were among the best stuff NXT had done in terms of character development at the time – who was behind them?
Were you shocked at how over the gimmick was immediately?
Did you realize that night you had saved your job?
Why did WWE change the theme music so quickly?
It’s been said the Adam Rose entrance was the greatest Wrestlemania entrance to never happen at Mania – does that bother you?
When do you find out you are being moved up to the main roster?
Were you excited or scared about the move?
Where did the idea for the Exotic Express bus come from?
Obviously, the presentation was a little different from the Russel Brand socialite/party-goer in terms of how they introduced you – did you have any feedback into that at all?
Who were the members of the creative team that were behind pushing and writing for the Adam Rose character when you were debuting?
First memories of dealing with Vince McMahon?
How do you compare him to dealing with HHH in NXT?
What sort of feedback did you get from him about the gimmick?
Were you surprised WWE was bringing in people to be Rosebuds every week?
Who were your favorite Rosebuds?
There were some who felt the way you were portrayed initally didn’t let the character shine as well as it did in NXT, would you agree?
What do you think were the differences in how you were portrayed in NXT and the main roster as it seemed like you were the first NXT homegrown gimmick to go to the main roster and see the creative team fail to capitalize on what you had built in NXT – why do you think that happened?
WWE had Michael Cole dancing to your music and giving all these corny lines on commentary – was that a Vince McMahon call and did you feel it was killing the cool factor of the character?
Memories of the initial program against Damien Sandow?
Are you surprised WWE let him go?

You wrestled Sandow and Fandangoat the Money in the Bank and Battleground PPVs and then disappeared for a month – what happened there?

Initial thoughts when they asked you to team with the Bunny?

Who was it under the suit – we’ve heard it was Justin Gabriel but you recently went on Twitter and said it was Road Dogg?
Was there ever any backstory that WWE provided or you created for the Bunny’s background?
Why do you think WWE decided to push that character as opposed to another Rosebud?
How did you feel about the storyline where The Bunny was upstaging you, leading to you abusing the Bunny?
In your mind, is this just another storyline or are you feeling like they are burying you?
Memories of your short feud with Zack Ryder?
Why do you think WWE doesn’t utilize him more?
Memories of making your Wrestlemania debut at Westlemania 31 at the Andre the Giant Battle Royal?
Were you let down when they didn’t do the big entrance for Mania?
What’s Wrestlemania week like for a WWE talent?
What led to WWE putting you with Rosa Mendes?  Why do you think the partnership didn’t last long?
How did you feel about WWE killing off the Rosebuds gimmick and turning you heel?
When you are in a position where they control your career and they aren’t really pushing you, can you go to someone and plead your case or does that just get you heat?
How frustrating was it to be in a position where you found a character that clicks and then see them breaking it down?
Do you think you were set up to fail by the company?
Is it hard to go and get your ideas heard by the creative team?
Did you feel you missed out on making big money since they never pushed the character the way it should have been?
How did you feel about the Party Pooper gimmick?
WWE teased the return of the Bunny but it never really happened, why not?
WWE began building up that you were going to reveal a big masterpiece and show your true art and passion, but then nothing ever happened – what was the plan there?
Where did the Rose Bush segment come from and why do you think it didn’t last long?  Who came up with the jokes?
Did you like doing the segment?  Anything they had you say that you regretted?
When did you first hear about being put together as part of the Social Outcasts?
Did you get along with the other guys?
Memories of working Mania in Texas in front of 100,000 people?
Talk about learning you had failed the WWE Wellness Policy for the second time in April and what the series of events were?
Did you feel you had let the other members of the Outcasts down?
When you found out you had failed for the ADHD drug, why did you choose to make it public?
Were you worried it was career suicide for you?
What sort of heat and response did you get from WWE over posting the letter from your doctor on Twitter?
At one point the letter was deleted and then posted again – what happened there?
Why was it so important for you to get the word out?
Do you think there are guys and girls who are unfairly suspended who choose not to go public out of fear?
At any point did the company have discussions with you about reducing or rescinding the suspension?
What do you think WWE should change or improve about the Wellness Policy?
Since it’s obviously been made public, do you mind talking about the arrest in your home in May?
Do you think you should have been arrested?
Did you feel WWE was justified in indefinetly suspending you?
Has WWE contacted you since the charges were dropped?
You had the chance to see both sides of the social media coin in the last few months.  When you were suspended and spoke out, fans got behind you in a big way but when you were arrested, some obviously turned on you – what are your thoughts on social media in general and how it’s changed wrestling over the last few years?
Talk about deciding to request your WWE release and how the company reacted?
Would you have asked for your release had you not been arrested?
Was it a move to leave the company before they could release you?
Did you ever consider just leaving the business when you received your release?
What was the best part about working for WWE?
What was the worst part?
What do you think about the brand split that’s coming up?
Who are the most underrated guys and girls in the locker room today that you hope get more attention with the split?

Memories of your dealings with the following on the main roster:

John Cena
Randy Orton
Big Show

Dolph Ziggler
Lucha Dragons
Kofi Kingston
Darren Young
Finn Balor
Wyatt Family
Mark Henry
What do you think of how big WWE has made NXT?
Who was the better boss – Vince or HHH?
How do you think WWE will be in Stephanie and Hunter’s hands?
Any favorite road stories?
Favorite cities to wrestle in?
Any great rib stories?
How excited are you to start working independents?
Any chance we see Leo Kruger return down the line?
What advice do you have for indy talents who want to get signed by WWE?
How much do you think the indy scene has been changed by the popularity of NXT?
How does it feel having control of your destiny?
Do you think you’d ever want to go back to WWE?
Do you see TNA or ROH as potential homes for you?
Looking back, was there anything you could have done differently while under contract that might have changed things?
What do you think after the arrest, was the biggest misconception of you as a person?
Where do you think Aldo Rose will be a year from now?
Any final words for everyone watching?