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RF VIDEO was able to escape getting mauled by one of the best tag teams on the scene right now the American Wolves while we sat down with a one on one interview with Eddie Edwards for his first ever shoot interview with RF VIDEO. To make this DVD even more special we had Davey Richards sit on during the interview as the two discussed their meetings for the first time and their impact as a tag team in ROH and of course TNA.

The interview starts out with just Eddie Edwards as we talk about how he first started up in the pro wrestling business. You will find out how he got started up in the MA area working for all of the top indy promotions. What was it like getting to work with a young AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Tommaso Ciampa, John Walters and a variety of talent that broke in at the same time as Eddie.

How did he get selected to be apart of Noah as you will hear a ton of great Japanese stories, including his time with Misawa, Doug Williams, Kenta, Kobashi and other legends from the rising sun.

Eddie made a major name for himself in the wrestling world when he made his debut for ROH. You will hear all about his major battles inside the ROH rings as we talk about all of the major talent that he squared off against. Want to know his thoughts on when Gabe got fired, working with Mark and Jay Briscoe, Young Bucks, teaming with Davey Richards for the first time, going into the 3 away with Steen and Generico with a broken arm, thoughts on Seth Rollins and so much more.

If you’re a ROH fan this interview is a must have because you will get all the behind the scenes stories that you will want to hear. What did he think about all the backstage changes in ROH and did it effect him when Adam Pearce, Jim Cornette and Hunter all helped with the booking.

The interview really picks up steam when Davey Richards is brought in and takes the hot seat next to Eddie. These two have so many funny stories on each other. For the first time ever you will hear why the tag team duo decided to go to TNA instead of WWE and they also talk about their time in NXT. Who decided they would go to TNA and did they both agree on that decision?

Both members of the tag team talk about their start in TNA and what its been like so far as that is their current home promotion. You will hear them talk about all of their main event matches in TNA to date and what it was like to work with legendary teams such as the Hardy Boyz and Team 3D. Just look at all of the topics that we talked about below on our set list of questions concerning TNA and you will see we didn’t miss a beat!!

This is a great interview as your getting a 2 for 1 special right here, as Eddie does his first ever tell all shoot interview and we also included Davey Richards so you’re getting the shoot interview with the tag team as well.

This was a very fun interview to be apart of and we were lucky to get out of the room without getting too torn to shreds by the American Wolves!!!!

What are your first memories of the wrestling business?

Who were your favorites growing up?

What made you decide to begin training?

Killer Kowalksi is credited as your trainer – what are your memories of him and of training at his school?

Did you take to the training easily or was it hard learning the business inside the ring?

What was an average week like training there?

What was the local New England wrestling scene like as you broke into the independents?

First memories of working for Sheldon Goldberg’s NECW and memories of winning the Iron 8 for his promotion?

Early memories of working with the following:

AJ Styles
Samoa Joe
Tomasso Ciampa
Jerelle Clark
John Walters
C.W. Anderson
Slyck Wagner Brown

You started getting used and pushed in a lot of the New England indies – what are the poltiics like amongst the promoters there and is it hard to keep them all happy when you are being used by all of them?

How did you first get hooked up with Pro Wrestling NOAH?

What’s it like being the new American on your first tour of Japan?

Did you find that the workers there were trying to test you in the ring?

Explain the differences in getting over with an audience there vs. the United States?

What’s the best and worst thing about going to Japan?

Compare traveling in Japan on tour to traveling in the States while you are doing a loop?

On your first tour, NOAH had you working and losing in opening round matches. Did they give you any idea of what the plans were for you?

What’s the pressure like being on your first tour, knowing that the only way you are going to be invited back is to have a good showing?

Who were your favorite guys to work with in Japan?

Memories of working with and sharing a locker room with:

Mitsuhara Misawa
Kenta Kobashi
Yoshinari Ogawa
Naomichi Marufuji

Memories of teaming with Doug Williams in NOAH?

Memories of teaming with Ted DiBiase Jr?

Are you surprised he never broke out in WWE?

Memories of teaming with Ricky Marvin?

What’s it like putting a match together when your opponents are Japanese and your partner is Mexican? How do you all overcome the language barrier?

In 2007, you started working for 2CW and received a really big push there. What are you memories of working for the promotion?

How did you first get booked for Ring of Honor?

Memories of your debut against Austin Aries?

What were your initial thoughts on the company and the locker room?

Where did the idea for you to join Sweet and Sour Inc come from?

Memories of working with Larry Sweeney?

Memories of working with the following early on in ROH:

Erick SteveFavorite memories of workin PWG?
Memories of working the following in PWG?
The Young Bucks
Johnny Yuma & Johnny Goodtime
Alex Shelley
The Super Smash Brothers
AR Fox
Rich Swann
Kyle O’Reillyns
Chris Hero
Jack Evans
Claudio Castagnoli
Brent Albright
Adam Pearce
Petey Williams

When did you first meet Davey Richards?

Is it true it was his idea for you to become a team?

How did the American Wolves come to be?

First memories of Davey Richards?

Davey often says you are the better of the two in the ring – what’s your reactionto that?

What was your reaction when ROH fired Gabe Sapolsky and replaced him with Adam Pearce?

What did you think were Gabe’s strengths and weaknesses as a booker?

How did the locker room and the company change when Adam came in? Was Pearce a good fit for the company?

Did you ever question Gabe being let go to owner Cary Silkin?

Did you hear from Gabe after he was let go?

Memories of the Wolves vs. The Briscoes as 2008 ended?

ROH signed a TV deal with HDNet about the same time. Did you feel it was going to bring the company to the next level?

Were you upset when it didn’t pan out that way?

Memories of The Wolves vs. El Generico and Kevin Steen where you won the ROH Tag titles on TV?

Thoughts on their success in WWE as Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens?

Wolves vs. American Dragon and Tyler Black in a 45 minute draw is remembered as one of the better matches from that ROH era. What are your memories of it?

When you see guys like Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins on WWE TV, does it give you hope that you’ll be there one day?

How did you break your arm prior to Ladder War 2 against Steen and Generico?

Why did you work that match hurt? Do you regret doing it?

Memories of that match?

Were you surprised when the Wolves lost the belts to the Briscoes?

ROH added a TV title in 2010 – memories of the tournament which you won.

Who came up with the idea of the “10 Minute Hunt”?

Were you surprised when Cary Silkin let Adam go?

What were your thoughts on Delirious getting the book?

Memories of working with Shane Hagadorn?

Why was he removed from the team as manager?

Memories of working with:

Nigel McGuinness
Colt Cabana
Shawn Daivari
Kenny King

Memories of winning the 2010 Survival of the Fittest tournament?

Were you surprised when they had you drop the belt to Christopher Daniels?

Ring of Honor pretty much shocked everyone when you won the ROH title from Roderick Strong at Manhattan Mayhem 4 – when did you find out that was the plan and what were your memories of the win?

Favorite memories of your title run?

Memories of the bout where you dropped the belt to Davey?

Were you surprised when Jim Cornette came into the company?

Your immediate thoughts on Cornette?

How did ROH change when Cary sold the company to Sinclair?

Were you aware there was even going to be a sale?

What were your first impressions of Joe Koff and the Sinclair team?

Is it true Sinclair promised that the company would have a lot more dates, catering, trainers and other things for the boys when Koff first announced the purchase?

When that didn’t happen, what did that do to the company morale?

Do you think Sinclair should have gotten rid of the old staff?

What was your reaction when Cornette replaced Hunter as the booker?

What do you think are the biggest mistakes Sinclair made after purchasing ROH?

Should Cary still have a role in the day to day of the company?

Memories of the Ringmaster Challenge Best of Three Falls bout against Roderick Strong?

What are your thoughts on Strong as a person and a worker?

Thoughts on ROH having Dan Severn as your trainer for the rematch against Davey?

Memories of that match?

Memories of teaming with Adam Cole and thoughts on him as a worker?

What led to the Wolves’ reunion?

Memories of bouts against ReDragon?

Memories of working against:

The Forever Hooligans


How did you and Davey first end up in getting the WWE Performance Center tryout?

Memories and thoughts on the facility?

Davey has always stated that he never expected to sign with WWE but what were Eddie’s hopes for that process?

Memories of working The Ascension on WWE NXT TV?

What did you think of them as a team?

When did you find out WWE wasn’t going to move forward with signing you?

Eddie – Were you let down?

Thoughts on ROH firing Davey before his final appearance with the company?

Memories of your farewell appearances?

How do you feel about ROH sources telling the websites that they would welcome your return but not Davey’s?

Talk about how you ended up in TNA?

Who was the first person that contacted you to come in?

Your inItial thoughts on the locker room compared to ROH and NXT?

Thoughts on being put with MVP immediately?

There was criticism that you weren’t really given a lot of time in the ring early on after debuting – do you think that hurt your momentum early on?

First impressions of Dixie Carter

Who were the creative team members you dealt with early on?

Memories of your debut teaming with Samoa Joe vs. The Bro Mans ?

You pretty much immediately won the Tag belts – do you think you got them too soon?

Would you have preferred to chase them so the fans had a reason to get to know you and get behind you?

Thoughts and memories of working with the Bro Mans?

The Wolves went to Japan several times representing TNA – memories of those events with Wrestle-1

Obviously TNA was having issues with money and with their TV home over the last year – how concerned were you as all that was going on?

We’ve heard you signed a one year deal – so where do you each stand contractually with TNA as of this writing?

Talk about the TNA Tag Series against The Hardys and Team 3D and your memories of that series of matches?

It seemed like that was the first time TNA really presented you in a similar light as ROH in terms of what you could do in the ring – would you agree?

Thoughts on losing the tag belts to James Storm and Abyss.?

TNA teased a breakup for the Wolves before you lost the Tag titles – how do yuo feel about doing singles runs in TNA

There’s a huge online audience that has written TNA off – what would you say to them to get them to give the company another chance?

Do you feel as loyal to TNA as you did ROH?

How do you think the other has changed over the years?

Where do you want your careers to be in five years?

Favorite memories on the road?

Favorite ribs?

What are the craziest stories you’ve seen online about each other?

What are you thoughts on the online media in general?

Final messages to the fans who have supported you over the years?