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She is hot, sexy, dazzling, but most of all she is beautiful .  RF VIDEO sat down with one half of the Beautiful People, Angelina Love for a tell all shoot interview about her entire wrestling career to date.   She was not always a TNA Knockout before she was Angelina Love she was also called Angel Williams on the indy scene in Canada and eventually landed her dream job in the WWE until her dreams got shattered when she was released from her contract and thrown back into the indy scene.

This is a story on how a girl never gives up her dreams and how she took a negative and turned it into a positive, because she became one of TNA’s top acts of the company and she was also one of the highest rated segments on TNA TV for a very long time which is no easy feat to do with her long time partner Velvet Sky.

In this interview you will learn how she broke into the wrestling business and followed her dreams all over the indy scene and how she finally got hired by the WWE to only get released again after going thru the WWE developmental system known as Deep South.  What was her training like and did she ever want to give up?  What did she go thru emotionally when she was let go of her dream job and how did she deal with on the job injuries.

Angelina was on top of her game in TNA with her partner Velvet Sky as they worked with every girl that came thru the company.  If you are a TNA knockout fan this interview is a must have because she talks about all the matches and angles they were involved in.  There are plenty of TNA stories from behind the scenes as she was open about what it was like to work in the company for the long period that she was there.  We talk about her problems when she had to leave due to not having her visa to her return in the company and now feuding with Velvet Sky.  Do you want to know what it was like to work with Vince Russo, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bishoff and Bruce Prichard?  Angelina spoke from the heart on all of these topics plus plenty more!!!!

Plus enjoy a special bonus match from Wrestling Spectacular 2 featuring Angelina Love with Velvet Sky vs. Mickie James with Candice Michelle as special guest referee and Kelly Kelly as special guest ring announcer!

How did you get started in the business
Were you a wrestling fan growing up
DId you go to house shows as a fan
Is it true you were a huge fan of HBK
How did you break into the business under Rob Fuego
Who trained you
What was the hardest thing to learn during your training and did you ever want to quit
What was the indy scene like in Canada at the time and were there any names working the circuit when you were there
Memories working for Bert Prentice
Were you in TNA for a brief run in 2004 before going to Deep South working Trinity
Who was running it at this time was it Jeff and Jerry
What was the office like at this time or did you not have any interaction with them
What was OVW like and who were the head trainers there at the time
Who were some of the other workers in your class
How did you wind up in Deep South
Memories of managing Johnny Parisi
Memories of working with Michelle McCool
Memories of meeting TOmmy Dreamer in Deep South
How did you injure your ACL
You were out for 7 months did you feel pressured to come back
Memories of working with Krissy Vaine
Memories of working with Brooke Adams
Memories of Shantelle Taylor
Memories of Tracey Brooks
Who were the head trainers in Deep South
Do you think Bill Demott has a bad rap or is it rightfully deserved
Memories of working with Nattie Neidhart
Did you like going back to OVW when Deep South closed
Memories of working with Serena
Why were you released from your contract only a few days later
Memories of going down to AAA
How different was the Mexican style compared to our style and was it hard to adjust working at Canadian Angel
What was the indy scene like in 2007…you worked for FTW and Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling
What was your goal around this time did you want to get back in the WWE or was it TNA
How did you wind up in TNA
What were the differences between WWE and TNA
What was it like this time around with Dixie Carter in charge
Were you given any plans when you signed a deal or was it let’s see how you get over type of deal
How did you hook up with Velvet Sky
Did you get along with her outside the ring
Were you surprised you guys were at times the highest rated segment
Did you sense any jealousy from the other workers in the company that you were getting a huge push
Memories working with ODB and Roxxi Laveaux at Turning Point
Memories of working with Awesome Kong and Gail Kim
Who came up with the name Beautiful People
Did you personally like being a heel or baby face better
Memories of working with Taylor Wilde in TNA
Did you like the gimmick when they put Kip James with you guys as your fashionist
Memories of working with Thaka Kahn and Rhino
Memories of working with Madison Rayne when she came into the company
Did you like adding her to the mix as the Mi Pi Sexy
Memories of working with Sojourner Bolt
Memories of working with Tara/Victoria
What happened in 2009 when you were released due to Visa issues
Why did it take so long to get fixed.
Were you frustrated at the time with the company that it took around 5 months to get back
How did the company change when Jeff Jarrett was taken out of power and Hogan came inHow were you able to work for other indy companies like WSU at the time
Memories of working for WSU and working against Mercedes Martiniez
Did you like coming back as a baby face
Thoughts on Lacey Von Erich
Did you think Lacey understand the business being that she came up in the Von Erich family as she has a bad rep
Did you like teaming up with Tara to work Rayne and Velvet how were those matches
Memories of Daffney
How were all the girls during the tapings was there any real heat because of jealousy
Memories of teaming with Tara and ODB and Hamada to face Velvet, Lacey, Rayne and Deffney in the lockbox
Memories of the Winter storyline
Did you like working with her in tag matches
Memories working with Becky Bayless
Did you feel that the TNA company used TNA Knockouts girls better than WWE Divas
How was Mickie James to work with
Did you like working with Eric Young
Why did you want to get released from TNA after 5 years
How frustrating was it to work with a company that had all the financial backings but did not use it to promote its own house shows
Who did you travel with
Who were your agents for your matches
What was Dixie Carter like behind the scenes did you have a lot of interaction with her
What were your favorite moments in TNA
What is Sting like behind the scenes
Who were some of the guys that you were close with in the company
Did you sense the tension between Cornette and Vince Russo
Thoughts of when Vince Russo was in charge
What was it like to get back on the indy scene
Memories working for Ring Ka King
Do you like being back on the indy scene
Did you ever get feelers from the WWE when you and Velvet were on top
Thoughts on Maria Kanellis
Who is the best talent right now on the indy scene when it comes to females
Memories of working for Shine
Thoughts on Mia Yim
Who was the toughest knockout to deal with in and out of the ring and why
You did a lot of other projects on TV and FIlm..
what was it like working with Luke Perry
Would you like to go back to TNA or try out with the WWE