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It’s been eight long years since RF VIDEO last sat down with one of the true legends of pro wrestling. A founding member of one of the greatest tag teams in history that is well remembered for the complete dominance across the wrestling landscape. WHAT A RUSHHHHHHH… of course we are talking about none other than Road Warrior Animal!

In this exclusive interview, the first since the passing of his best friend and long time partner Hawk, Animal holds absolutely nothing back and you’ll realize that within the first five minutes as he clearly didn’t care who he was going to piss off or what bridges he may possibly be burning. This is the real “Animal Unleashed” and we covered all the hot topics you want to hear about, including why Animal was upset that he was not asked to be a part of Ric Flair’s farewell ceremony on Monday Night Raw! You will get a first hand account of the heat both Animal and Hawk received from the WWE because of Hawk’s behavior, along with some of the actions that brought that heat upon them.

You want road stories? This amazing new shoot has them in spades, including some incredible tales of overseas tours. Animal tells us who had Hawk’s ear during their prime years, and which of those men were a bad influence on him. No stranger to drugs in wrestling, Animal frankly discussed Hawk’s demons (including a time when Hawk’s resting heart beat was over 170) along with the Benoit tragedy and the heat Animal took for comments made about that incident.

Many of you have seen or heard about the infamous YouTube stuff between Animal and Jon Heidenreich, but for the first time ever we got Animal to talk about that along with the really story about the $5000 that Heidenreich feels he is owed by Animal. You’ll get the inside dirt on all the problems Animal had in WWE at that time in this shocking new interview, including what is what to be informed of his release by his own brother, John Laurinatis.

We cover the past, present, and future of Animal’s career. You’ll get stories on which guys back in the NWA were jerks, details on what happened between Hawk and Shawn Michaels in church that squashed their heat, Animals feelings on writers in wrestling, and what Animal would like to do in wrestling in the upcoming years. We cover it all! Fans of ’80s and ’90s wrestling are going to love the tales weaved by one of the biggest names during that era. A must have for Legion of Doom fans and a great watch for anyone who loves hearing about all the backstage happenings within wrestling! Dine on Danger, Snack on Death, and enjoy one hell of a shoot!

How did you wind up back in WCW when you came as a singles
How did it change
What are your memories of the booking committee
How political was it there
Was it hard to go without Hawk
Were their plans to bring him in when he got healthy
Memories working with Ric Flair
Memories of working with Scott Steiner from this time period
Is it true you taught him the Frankensteiner
Memories of Lex Luger
Thoughts of how things turned out for Lex
What do you remember about the night Sid broke his leg
What do you remember about the sale going down
Did you think Bischoff was buying it
Would you have been a part of WCW if he bought it
Were you in Florida for the last Nitro
What would you have done in WCW if it was never sold, such as your role
Did you attempt to negotiate for Vince to pick up your contract
Did you think your career was over
You and Hawk got involved with some other wrestler turned born-again Christians. How did that come about
Did Hawk make peace with Shawn Michaels
Memories working events for Nikita and Ted Dibiase
Does it bother you when other guys question the sincerity of people like yourself
How has it changed your life
How did you guys wind up in TNA for that surprise appearance
Thoughts on how that went
Thoughts on Jeff Jarrett
Thoughts on Vince Russo being in a match with you guys
Why did you guys leave so quick
You and Hawk made a one-time appearance against Kane and RVD in 2003. How did that come about?
You guys said some awful things about Vince in the last shoot. Did he confront on some of those things.
How were you received by the rest of the locker room that night
Memories of the match
Thoughts on RVD and Kane
Did you guys have apprehensions about coming in for just one night and doing a job
Hawk said in an interview that he thought the match sucked. Do you agree
What kind of feedback did you guys receive after the match
You guys wrestled a dark match the next night, how did that go
Hawk did some interviews about a book he was putting out. Did you ever read it and if so, thoughts
In the last shoot you both said you intended to testify for Martha Hart. Were you ever contacted about that
Memories of going over to Japan and wrestling Choshu and Koshinaka in 2003
You got into coaching football for awhile. Did you like it.
How did you find out that Hawk had died
How hard was it on you
Do you think he was misunderstood
Do you think his death could have been prevented
Are you still in touch with his family
Did you guys have any plans to return to the WWE or TNA before he passed
Did you consider your career over
You had a tryout as an announcer. How did that go
How did the WWE DVD come about
Did you like it
Was there anything you said that got cut out
Did it get you thinking about a comeback
Do you think Hawk would have liked it
Does it bother you when guys from the Crockett territory constantly complain about the amount of money Paul Ellering got
How did you wind up coming back
How do you respond to critics who say that if your brother wasn’t in charge you wouldn’t have had a job
Who’s idea was it to pair you with Heidenreich
Initial thoughts on the team
Did he listen to you
Was it hard to be on the road fulltime at your age
How had the locker room changed
Were you respected by the younger guys
Was it hard adjusting to a more scripted wrestling like scripted promos, planned spots, etc
Thoughts on matches with MNM
Were you surprised you got the tag belts
Did it bother you to see Heidenreich in the colors, spikes, etc
Was it hard to take bumps at your age
Memories on wrestling Eddie Guerrero and Batista
How did you wind up with Christy Hemme
Thoughts on her
Did you ever become frustrated or were you just in it for a last ride
Memories of matches with Regal and Burchill
Memories of the Mexicools
Memories of Juvi
How did you find about Eddie Guerrero’s death
Were you surprised
Was it embarrassing to be eliminated so quickly in the Royal Rumble
Did you feel that this run tarnished the legacy of the Road Warriors
Memories teaming with Matt Hardy
Were you surprised Heidenreich got fired
Thoughts on Paul Heyman and other writers
Heidenreich claims you borrowed 5k from him that he had a hard time getting back. Is that true
He said you guys argued a lot on the road over it, true
What do you think went wrong with the two of you
Why were you released
Did you leave on good terms
How was the party scene during this time period
Thoughts on the whole Benoit tragedy
You wrestled Chris right before you left. Memories of the match
You spoke out, did you get any heat for it
Do you think steroids had anything to do it
Memories of Chris and Nancy
You said in an interview that Chris told you he wanted more time off. Can you expand
What do you think of the Wellness Policy? Do you find it ironic since in the old days guys used to drink and party and wrestle every night with no problems
Should Congress get involved
Are you disappointed that the media has moved on from the story
What do you think makes Vince so invincible
Some guys think your brother is overpaid, what do you think
Lets talk about your son. What makes him so good
What is it like to be the father of one of the top athletes in the country
How do you keep his head grounded
Do you think he will dabble with wrestling
Is he a wrestling fan
Talk about the OSU Michigan rivalry
What was it like when he was being recruited
What was your involvement with Zubaz years ago
Bill Irwin recently did a shoot and said he wished that you guys and he and his brother had a run in the AWA. Memories of those matches
Do you think you should be in the WWE Hall of Fame
Is there anyone that made it that surprised you and is there anyone who didn’t make it who you thought would
Do you still watch wrestling
Thoughts on UFC and comparisons to pro wrestling
How did you wind up back in TNA last year
Why was it just a 1 time deal
Did you like the match
Do you want to write a book
Is it hard to adjust to life after pro wrestling
What do you do today
Fav and least fav guys to work with
Fav ribs and road stories
Favorite ribs
Any chances of coming back
Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today
Do you still have a passion for the business
What do you miss most and least about being a full time wrestler