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She is not your average typical female wrestler, she stands out and is not from the cookie cutter mold like every other Diva in Pro Wrestling.  She is a monster in the ring and made her name for herself in Japan from her mentor Aja Kong…..for the first time ever Awesome Kong FKA Kharma from the WWE sat down with to discuss her entire wrestling career.

How did this average wrestling fan break into the business in CA?  You will hear how she wound up wrestling in Japan as she reveals her torturous training regiment that made her into the performer that she is today.  Kong got her break working in the biggest women’s company called AJPW as she talks in detail on what it was like to work with all the top girls in the company from Toyota, Kong,
Lioness Asuka and Chigusa Nagayo.

Kong came back to the states and was hired by TNA and worked with every women in the TNA knockout division.  She has stories on all of her matches with Tara, Traci Brooks, Gail Kim, Velvey Sky, ODB, Saeed, Madison Rayne and everyone in between.

Kong felt like she was not treated fairly in TNA as she discusses why she was very unhappy with the company.  What did she do about it and who did she talk to?  You will find out all of this during her interview.

What really went down between Kong and Hulk Hogans one time best friend Bubba the Love Sponge.  She goes into great detail from their locker room altercation to everything that happened after the incident took place with the office to the prank calls that Bubba had made to her.  There is no love lost there thats for sure.

We talk a lot about the infrastructure in TNA and all the people she had to work with like Terry Taylor, Dutch Mantell, Vince Russo and Dixie Carter herself.  Did she ever think Dixie was over her head or getting worked by the powers that be….she has some interesting comments about those subjects….she did ask for her release and you will here exactly why.

How did she end up in the WWE after she almost quit wrestling for good.  What was it like working with HHH to develop her new character?  What was it like meeting Vince for the first time and working behind the scenes in the WWE.  She talks about why she was not there for a long time and what it was to be around some of the top Divas in the WWE including talking about her dream match with Beth Phenix.

Kong has been all over the indy scene from working in ROH, WSU, Shimmer and now Shine.  She talks about her time on the indy scene as well in great detail during this interview.

If your a fan of women’s wrestling you will love our shoot interview with one of the toughest girls out there.  It’s safe to say she will be back in the spot light soon for a major company, so order this DVD today.  If you love hearing behind the scene stories on TNA and WWE this is a must!!!

Where did you grow up
Were you a wrestling fan growing up
What shows did you go to
Is it true you were a huge fan of Chyna, Undertaker, Rock and Steve Austin
How did you break into the business
Who trained you in CA at the School of Hard Knocks
Who do you consider your mentor
What was your training like and did you ever want to quit
What reality show were you on in 2002 Discovery Health Body Challenge
Memories of your first match in EMpire Wrestling Federation
How did you break into All Japan Women
What was it like to move to Japan
Talk about your rigorous training schedule in Japan
You called it hell why?
What injuries did you have in Japan with your back and concussions
What happened when you had to have part of your tongue removed
How did you meet Steve Corino and CW Anderson
Memories of working with Aja Kong
What happened in the mixed tag team match at the 2003 All Japan Women anniversary show in which she teamed up with Katsuyori Shibata vs. Koji Kanemoto & Michiko Omukai? It seemed at one point as though Kanemoto started shooting on Kong.Memories of working for Gaea Japan in 2004 and working Aja Kong
Memories of forming the tag team with Aja and becoming Double Kong
Memories of working with Lioness Asuka and Chigusa Nagayo
Memories or working Manami Toyota and Carlos Amano
Memories of working for Hustle and Tajiri
How was the pay and travel in Japan
Memories of working for Shimmer debut against Nikki Roxx
Memories of working Sare Del Ray
Memories of working Ariel
Memories of working with Del Ray and facing Mercedes Martinez and Serena Deeb
Memories of working LuFisto and your great brawls with her
How did you make it to ROH and what did you think of the company in 2007
Memories of your debut when you teamed with Daizee Haze vs Sara Del Rey and Lacey
Memories of your 6 man tag with Mark and Jay vs Chris Hero, Claudio and Sara Del ray
Memories of your tag match in ROH Final Battle 2010 with Daizee Haze vs Del Ray and Serena Deeb
Memories of working the Indy scene in 2007 working for the NWA against MsChif
Memories of working Great Britan for Chick Fight memories of working with Cheerleader Melissa
Memories of working for WSU in NJ
Memories of teaming with Amy Lee to face Angel Orsini and Mercedes Martinez
Memories of working Amy Lee in singles matches
Memories of working with Mercedes Martinez in singles matches
How did you get into TNA
What were your thoughts on the women’s division there
Thoughts on Vince Russo
Thoughts on Dixie Carter
Thoughts on The Jarretts
Did you like working with Terry Taylor
Memories of working with Dutch Mantell
Memories of working Gail Kim in TNA
Memories of teaming with Raisha Saeed facing ODB and Gail Kim
Memories of your feud with Taylor Wilde in TNA
Did you like the Kongtourage team with you and Rhaka Khan and Saeed
Memories of your tag matches with Saeed facing Angelina Love and Velvet Sky
Memories of working with Madison Rayne and Cute Kip
Memories of working with Traci Brooks and Sharmell
Memories of working with Tara and your cage match with her at Turning point
Memories of teaming with Hamada vs Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne
What happened between you and Bubba backstage at TNA what started the incident with his comments on the Haiti earthquake
What was the phone call that Bubba allegedly left for you
Do you blame that incident on your release from TNA even though you wanted to quit
What was the real reason you wanted to leave TNA around this time as I heard you wanted to leave for other reasons than the Bubba incident
Did you and Bubba have any contact at all after the incident
Did you find that TNA dropped that ball with you
Were you happy that TNA fired Bubba for the incident
Did you know that WWE had interest in you
Is it true you were about to retire before going to WWE
Memories of when Dreamer called you to get your number for John Laurinaitis
How did you get into WWE
What were your initial impressions of the company
How different was WWE from TNA
Initial impressions of Vince McMahan
Did they make any promises to you
Thoughts on HHH as there were rumors that you were on of his first projects of his since he got power
Did you like your ring name Kharma
You broke the cookie cutter mold of all pretty girls did you realize that?
Is it true WWE wanted to bring you in as a diva and wanted you to loose a lot of weight before you made your debut
Memories of your debut where you attacked Michelle McCool
As you were picking up steam you had to step out for some time did you feel you would be brought back
What were the girls like in WWE
Memories of being around Kelly Kelly
Memories of Beth Phenix
Who did you travel with in WWE
Memories of Bellas and your final angle you did with them…was there any real heat
Did you like that angle and did you think it sort of ruined your character by trying to humanize you
Memories of coming back at the 2012 Royal Rumble
Did you ever want to be like Chyna in the WWE and work with men
Do you think you will return to the WWE
What girls did you not get to work with in the WWE that you wish you could have
Memories of working for Shine against Martinez and rain with Jazz on 11/16/2012
Memories on January 18, 2013, Kong defeated D’Arcy Dixon, Nikki St. John and Thunderkitty in a four-way match to win the vacant Resistance Pro Wrestling Women’s Championship
What are your future goals
What girl out there do you feel has the it factor
Best match to date
Who is your dream opponent
Did you like working with men in the ring too
Memories of working with Allison Danger
What company uses women better TNA or WWE
Thoughts on ODB
Ever encounter racism in pro wrestling