Axl Rotten 2005 Shoot Interview

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Axl…. Axl…. Axl… Axl, I can still hear to this day like it was just yesterday the fans chanting his name. Axl Rotten was the one guy in ECW that was always over no matter what the booker tried to do him. It did not matter if Axl was in the opening match or in the main event the guy knew how to work the crowd and get himself over.

Now for the first time in eight years, Axl sits down with RF VIDEO to reveal all of his dark secrets on why he left the business and what he went thru since our last shoot interview with him before the first ECW PPV Barely Legal. If you have seen our past shoot interview with Axl you know he is one guy who loves to shoot on people. He holds nothing back just like New Jack and The Honky Tonk Man. This is one of the most entertaining shoots of all time.

Axl talked for the very first time ever on the real reasons on why he left wrestling. You will hear about his drug addiction that lead him from shooting needles into his arms in ECW to taking heroin. What else did Axl Rotten do in ECW that nobody knew about. Did he think he was going to die? If you like to hear about wild drug stories this shoot is for you. It is as open as the Chris Candido shoot when it comes to the drug use issue.

Axl talks about Paul Heyman like nobody else has done in the past. Axl for the first time ever admits that 8 years ago he was the one guy that Paul Heyman never wanted him to do a shoot interview for us. Axl has a million stories on how he got along or actually did not get along with Paul Heyman and why he was still in the company even though they agreed to disagree.

Axl takes us though all of his top matches in ECW with Balls as his partner as they faced the Dudleys, FBI, Sabu + RVD. He talks about all of his famous single matches in ECW as well with Lance Storm, Al Snow and many more. We talk about all of his early gimmick matches with the glass, fire, thumbtacks and barbed wire. Axl talks about how Raven and Tommy Dreamer told them to tone down their matches because they could not follow them. There are alot of shocking stories that I did not even know. Axl takes us through his entire ECW run with just story after story that will make you relive the memories once again.

We talk about his relationship with Ian Rotten and how they met. He really goes into his early start in ECW and what it was like working with Ian Rotten back in the early days of ECW. There are some good stories about Paul Heyman once again and Terry Funk.

Axl talks about CZW and the booking team and why he does not like the company. This is classic as he just goes off on this subject. This part of the interview is just pure Axl. He cuts a really funny promo at this point of the interview.

Axl talks alot of being on the road and there are a million funny stories about his times in ECW. If your an ECW fan this shoot is a must. We talk about the future WWE ECW PPV and also the Hardcore Homecoming show. This is one shoot interview that you need to check out and I promise you this is one you will watch over and over again.

Here are all of the questions that we asked Axl:

What was it like to watch Barely Legal on the sidelines

What did you think of Paul working with the WWE at the time

Did you think it was a conflict of interest

Terry Funk recently said its ironic that Vince is bringing ECW back since he killed it, do you agree

Did you talk with WCW at the time

Memories of your series with the Dudleys

Are you surprised at their success in the WWE

Memories of your series with the FBI

Were you ever supposed to get the ECW tag titles with Balls

Did you feel insulted you never got it

Memories working Furnas and Kroffat

Memories of your series with Sabu and RVD

Memories of some of the matches you and Candido had

Memories of matches with Lance Storm

Thoughts/memories with Sid came in

Memories of matches with Al Snow

Raven said in his shoot that you hurt yourself early on by creating a British character but you never spoke with an English accent, thoughts?

Memories/thoughts of when RVD slapped taz in the locker room

Were you disappointed you had a dark match at Heatwave

Memories of your series with Da Baldies

When did your first check bounce

How did Paul react

Thoughts/memories when taz left

How different was it

On a list someone compiled on shoot moments that changed wrestling they listed you not showing up in Mass and the Mass Transit incident as a result of that

Thoughts/memories about the night Mike Awesome left with the belt

Memories of the night he returned to drop the belt to Taz

How did Taz change if at all

Memories./thoughts when Shane left for the last time

Memories/thoughts when Raven and Sandman came back

Did you think that Pauls double standard on guys coming back was a bit ridiculous

Memories/thoughts of the XPW riot

What is the one match you never had in ECW you wished you had

Thoughts/memories on New Jack

Thoughts/memories on Rhyno

Thoughts/memories on Chris Jericho

Thoughts/memories on Jerry Lynn

Thoughts/memories on Stevie Richards

Thoughts/memories on Perry Saturn

Thoughts/memories on Mikey Whipwreck

Any good JL road stories

Thoughts/memories on Dusty when he came in since you said you looked up to him on the last interview

Thoughts/memories on Mick Foley

Does it bother you after paying dues for so long when you see a young kid on
Tough Enough get a 6 or 7 figure contract immediately

At what point did you realize it was serious and ECW was in jeopardy

Favorite Paul E lie

How different was it when Dreamer would book the house shows

Do you think Paul should have been there those weekends

When word was out on the Internet that ECW was done after the Pine Bluff shows, a lot of the guys argued that it wasn’t. When did reality set in

Did Paul say anything to you or the locker room at the last PPV

When did your drug use in ECW become more than just recreational

Who introduced you to the drugs

Was Nicole Bass’ husband a big time pusher

Who influenced who more when it came to drug use? you or Candido

Did Paul ever talk to you about your drug use

At what point did you have to look for an alternative means to put food on the table

How tough was that mentally

How much were you owed at the time of bankruptcy

Why do you think that the newer guys that Paul pushed at the end on top never got over like the past run of top guys in ecw

Did it bother you that a few weeks after ECW was done Paul E had a job in Titan and was on television

Knowing that Paul probably had that deal in the back for awhile does that bother you

Do you think Paul E is overrated as a booker

Memories/thoughts on working in XPW

What is the craziest thing you saw in XPW

How bad was drug use in XPW

How did you and Ian wind up putting your bad blood behind you

Thoughts on his IWA MS

Thoughts on Cpl Robinson

THoughts on CM Punk

Raven mentioned in his shoot that you are always on the dead pool lists, thoughts

Thoughts on Nova

Do you have any favorite old school tapes to watch for inspiration

Thoughts/memories on Steve Corino

Thoughts on Tom Cosatti

Thoughts/memories on Justin Credible

Do you like the death matches you do down there

What happened to MCW

Who do you like working on the indys

What are your thoughts on the current state of the indys

Do you think you and Ian created a monster with the death matches you did in ECW

Did you see the WWE DVD and thoughts if so

Did you lose a lot of friends during your drug days

How long have you been sober

Has it been hard to diet up and down during your career

Have you talked to NWA TNA at all

Who called you from the WWE

What are your thoughts going in

Do you this ECW PPV is too little too late in a sense

What do you think about the current state of the business

Can there ever be another ECW

What do you think of newsletters

Did you ever lose confidence in yourself and if so when

If you had to put 5 matches on a tape and put it in a vault for your grandkids, which would you pick

Fav opponents and why

Least fav opponents and why

Why do you think ECW failed in the end

Do you think Balls ever held you back from succeeding

Some great road stories from ECW

Great ribs

Knowing now what you do would you have done anything differently

What advice would you give to younger guys breaking in the business

Is there anything you wanna say to your fans