Baby Doll Shoot Interview

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This is RF Video’s first one on one shoot interview with a woman in the professional wrestling business. Baby Doll talks about her getting into the business in the 80’s and what it was like growing up in the business with a wrestling family. Speaking of family, she talks a lot about Jake Roberts and Grizzly Smith. Interesting stories are then told about when she emerged in World Class as Nickla “The Lady Giant”. Tons of Von Erich stories are told, plus find out about her feud with Sunshine. The interview moves to the NWA days where she was Baby Doll:” Tully Blanchard’s Perfect 10″. Baby Doll then talks about the rise and success of the NWA, with awesome stories about Flair & The Horsemen, Dusty, Magnum TA, and all of the other Crockett superstars. Also discussed was her marriage with Sam Houston and how that affected her job with Crockett Promotions. This is a unique shoot interview because it gives a women’s perspective on the wrestling business, especially in a time where there wasn’t too many women there. Other wrestlers that are talked about are Gino Hernandez & Chris Adams, Larry Zybzsco & Jim Cornette with the infamous tennis racquet angle. A great shoot with awesome topics that have never been heard before.