Back to Business: Nick Gage- King of Ultraviolence

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Back to Business with Nick Gage and it’s as hardcore as it gets!! RF Video captured his very first two wrestling bookings straight out of prison. First we head to Jersey Championship Wrestling and our cameras take you behind the scenes for exclusive interviews with Nick and fellow wrestlers in the locker room leading up to his return match. Find out what’s going through the mind of the man who waited 4 years and almost 4 months to get back in the ring once again. What were his feelings that night? We take you straight into the locker as Nick prepares for his first match back and show you the entire carnage that proceeds including the match in full!

No time is wasted as we pick up the very next day as the “King of Ultraviolence” returns home to Combat Zone Wrestling! Hear from other Combat Zone alumni as they give their thoughts about the man and his return such as fellow deathmatch superstars Danny Havoc, Matt Tremont, Devon Moore and even the boss himself DJ Hyde. Never before allowed, we give you a rare glimpse into the locker room meeting that night as we welcome the King back home. See what happens behind the curtain moments before the big return and the moment that everyone has waited over 4 years for.

As a special bonus we include the full match with one of Gage’s toughest opponents since being set free, Chris Dickinson in an all out war from Jersey Championship Wrestling.

In closing we then sit down with Nick Gage for almost 2 hours and 45 minutes in a BRAND NEW and exclusive Shoot Interview with the man. We talked about everything that lead up to his arrest from every detail on how it went down leading up to it, what went on inside the bank once he got in, the aftermath and everything that happened to Nick when he turned himself in. We cover his entire time in jail as he takes us through the process of what went on from the moment he went into the police station to turn himself in to the final day that he got released. You will hear what it was like for him in jail and what he went through from issues with gang members, standing up for himself, what everyday life was behind bars and what did he do in jail to keep himself motivated to get back in the ring. The interview also covered his start in the business and how he got into wrestling with his brother Justice Pain from being a ECW fan and doing backyard wrestling. How did he first meet John Zandig, you will find out. We cover his entire CZW run from his first match at the ECW Arena for Breaking the Barrier to his very first Cage of Death and Tournament of Death matches. What was it like going to Japan for Big Japan Wrestling when he was 18. Nick talks about being clinically dead in the helicopter when he had to be airlifted to the hospital during a Tournament of Death match. Nick Gage has worked with all the top names in CZW and we talked about them all including his most memorable matches with Wifebeater, Mad Man Pondo, Necro Butcher, John Zandig, Justice Payne, Nate Hatred, Backseat Boyz, and everyone in between. You will hear about the Philly wars with XPW and Nick covers the new talent that came into the company from his years being there like Sami Callihan, Jon Moxley, Kevin Steen, El Generico, Brain Damage, Amazing Red, Mark and Jay Briscoe, Super Dragon and countless others. Nick Gage tells you why he bleeds yellow and black and what the company means to him. This is a must have for the collection of any deathmatch and CZW fan, and if you don’t get it you might have to answer to the King himself!