Backstage Pass at Cage of Death XV

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RF Video presents Backstage Pass: CZW Cage of Death!

Disc 1: Drew Blood Shoot Interview
Disc 2: Danny Havoc Shoot Interview
Disc 3: Backstage at Cage of Death XV!

For 15 years, Combat Zone Wrestling has commanded the attention of the wrestling world at the end of each calendar year when they present the single most hardcore and Ultraviolent spectacle of the wrestling year. CZW routinely tops itself every December, as the sickest deathmatch wrestlers in the world do combat in the most awe-inspiring and disturbing structure known to man… the Cage of Death! 2013 was no different, and on the 15th anniversary of the Combat Zone’s showcase event, two teams of competitors made up of the most violent wrestlers in the industry did battle… and for the first time ever, RF Video was behind the scenes documenting every minute of the day that was Cage of Death!

As we do with every edition of our Backstage Pass series, we provide you with a shoot interview as part of the DVD release. Well, as a bonus to CZW fans, this edition of Backstage Pass will come with a pair of separate two hour shoots with the respective captains of each Cage of Death team. In addition to the shoot, we followed each respective captain, in this case fan favorite DANNY HAVOC of the Nation of Intoxication and DREW BLOOD of ‘The Forgotten Ones’ throughout the day as they and their teams prepared for the biggest and potentially most destructive match of their career. We started early in the afternoon as the competitors began to arrive at the building, and filmed the captains and their teams every moment of the way as they mapped out the Cage of Death match. Never before has anyone been given the unfiltered, unrestricted all-access pass behind the scenes and in the locker rooms of CZW like RF Video will give you on this DVD. Aside from the captains, the other participants: Devon Moore, Lucky Thurteen, Matt Tremont, Ron Mathis and Rory Mondo were incredibly open and honest in front of the cameras, allowing us to show you what really goes into the most spectacular match in wrestling and giving you their thoughts every step of the way….

Nation of Intoxication captain Danny Havoc is no stranger to the Cage of Death, and over the last 7+ years has carved out a niche for himself as an international deathmatch icon, raising the bar and setting the standard for American deathmatch wrestling as we know it today. He has revolutionized the way the game is played, and garnered a fan base that spans the globe, and for more than two hours on the eve of Cage of Death, RF Video sat down with him for an exclusive ‘Holiday Fireside Chat’, and what transpired was a shoot unlike any we have done before. Those who have gotten to know Danny Havoc personally over the years may have an idea of what we mean by ‘different’, and those who haven’t will be introduced to one of the funniest, and surprisingly most intelligent wrestlers in the world. In our discussion, Danny Havoc is very open and honest about the life of a deathmatch wrestler, and tells you all about his struggle to balance ‘real life’ and his future with the desire to fulfill his dreams today.

For Cage of Death purposes, Drew Blood was the captain of “The Forgotten Ones’, but when it comes to indy wrestling in the Philadelphia area, that title may be as close to reality as it comes. For more than a decade, Drew Blood has sacrificed his heart and soul for the business he loves, providing some fantastic matches up and down the east coast without receiving even a shred of the credit he truly deserves. He has been a team player for his entire run, and only now in 2013 has he been given his chance to lead the charge into CZW’s biggest match of the year. In our two hour interview, Drew Blood poured his heart out for the RF Video cameras, detailing his beginnings in the business, his relationship with Trent Acid and the controversial Johnny Kashmere, his forced retirement and the return that many thought would never come. Drew Blood IS ‘philly’ wrestling, and you will hear why in this interview.

Of course, we can’t talk about what transpired at Cage of Death without discussing what was perhaps the biggest and most shocking moment in the last decade of the CZW history, if not ever. That moment… the return of a legend… “Sick” Nick Mondo! If it wasn’t the biggest moment in CZW history, it was at least the best kept secret, as 99% of the roster, including those in the Cage of Death match had no idea he was going to be there until they bumped into him in the last locker room in the Skatezone just hours before his first appearance in 10 years. That moment was emotional for many, especially those in the match as Nick Mondo was the inspiration for many of them to begin wrestling in the first place. Nick Mondo’s return was historic, and the RF Video cameras were able to sit down with him one on one for more than 10 minutes in an exclusive interview that shed light on his retirement, where he’s been for the last 10 years, what made him decide to come back, and just what’s next for the Deathmatch legend. We are truly thankful to Nick Mondo for sharing his time with us, and once we knew his role in the Cage of Death match, we had to make sure we documented that historic moment from both behind the curtain and in the ring from the moments before his music hit, to the second he stepped thru the curtain and the impact it had on everyone else in the locker room that night. Stay tuned to for an exclusive preview of that interview, as all CZW fans will want to hear what was on Mondo’s mind that night as he prepared for a milestone moment inside the Combat Zone.

We are very proud of what we captured on film at Cage of Death, and if you’re not a fan of CZW, you will become one after watching what goes into this event. You will become a believer and you will be able to feel just how important and emotional that night was to everyone involved. RF Video was behind the scenes every step of the way. We talked to all the major players, and will take you places where cameras have never been before. What we recorded may be taboo, and in some ways we may never do a DVD quite like this one again, but for fans of the Cage of Death and especially those involved, this release will be the ultimate way to commemorate one of the most memorable nights in CZW history and RF Video is proud to share it with you.