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RF Video conducted their second edition of Backstage Pass: CZW with AR Fox and we are confident this is not only one of the most unique projects we will release to date, but also one of the most interesting. As part of our exclusive ‘Backstage Pass’ series, we take the top talent in the business and not only sit them down for an in-depth shoot interview covering their entire career and all the controversial topics that go along with it, but we go take you behind the curtain and into the locker room as we show you how some of the best talent in the world prepares for their turn in the ring as they do what they do best.

In this edition we tag along with the man who many (including us) consider to the be the very best high flyer in the game today… AR Fox. For those who don’t know, Fox has had an incredible journey through life, and defied astronomical odds to acheive the success and status that he enjoys today. During the sit down portion of this release, you will learn how Fox spent a good amount of his youth behind bars and battling addiction, and was able to put it all behind him to pursue his dream and live it out all over the world. Fox tells the tale of some unbelievable experiences in federal prison, and how he literally had to fight for his life on numerous occasions to survive. You will learn all about his frustrating fight against alcohol, and the consequences of some of the choices he made at a time when many are playing JV sports or running for student council. You will also learned how he was able to put it all behind him and focus on a future that many, including the justice system had written off as a foregone conclusion.

Not only will you hear about Fox’s rise to prominence and how he got there, you will also get his take on a number of his biggest matches and fiercest opponents. AR Fox will tell you how exactly he got into CZW, and how CZW took him to Dragon Gate, Evolve, and then literally the rest of the World. Of course, its not all glamorous once you make it to the top levels of independent wrestling though, as money, politics, and real life all play a role in one’s position and path to continued success. AR Fox will tell you all about life in the competitive world of independent wrestling, and his views about some of the biggest personalities that call all the shots.

Here are just a few of the topics and questions we discussed with AR Fox in the sitdown shoot interview portion of ‘Backstage Pass’…

– His training with Mr. Hughes in Atlanta
– His debut in CZW at the ECW Arena and his thoughts on performing in the famous ‘Bingo Hall’
– His view on deathmatch wrestling, and whether or not he would ever compete in CZW’s Tournament of Death
– His matches in CZW with Ruckus, Adam Cole, Devon Moore, Masada, Rich Swann, Drew Gulak, Jake and Dave Crist, Uhaa Nation, Alex Colon, Sami Callihan and more…
– His close relationship with Sami Callihan and Sami’s role in his development
– His take on controversial CZW Owner DJ Hyde and what he thinks of DJ as an owner, performer and person
– Why does AR Fox consider to this day CZW to be his “home” in wrestling
– How AR Fox ended up with Evolve and Dragon Gate USA and working with Gabe Sapolsky
– His thoughts on Gabe as a booker, and whether he likes working under Gabe’s style of storytelling
– His favorite matches and opponents in Evolve/DGUsa including Sabu, Jon Davis, Cima, Yoshino, Doi, Dragon Kid, the Young Bucks, Arik Cannon, Pinky Sanchez, PAC and more
– His view on the current financial troubles experienced by Evolve/Dragon Gate USA and rumors of “bounced checks” and how it effects the locker room
– The role of “contracts” on the indies, who benefits, and his current contract status
– His first and successive trips to Japan for Dragon Gate and what life was like in Japan as an American
– His trips to Mexico, Germany, England, Chile and other countries all over the world
– His opinion on Ring of Honor, and whether he would ever like to work for ROH in the future
– The criticism that Fox “does too much” and other criticisms from some others in the business
– His incredible durability and what he does to avoid injuries
– His recent engagement and his relationship with his fiance who he attributes much of his success to
– His take on many of the other companies he has worked for, including Pro Wrestling Guerilla (PWG)
– His most memorable moments of his career to date, and who he would still like to work with
– Fox’s future and goals in the wrestling business, and what he still wants to acheive
– and much more….

In addition to the sit down shoot interview portion of this release, we also followed Fox around at CZW’s October 2013 event, including behind the curtain and in the locker room and see how Fox prepares for his match that evening with Chris Dickinson, We take you back behind the curtain and give you a rare and exclusive look behind the scenes at CZW and also speak to many of AR Fox’s peers and ask them what they think about AR Fox the performer, and the person. You will hear from some of CZW and wrestling’s best as they give their opinions on the “Whole Foxxin Show”, We also catch up with Fox moments before his match, and not only follow him through the curtain, but also out to the ring and “fan-cam” his match that night, which you will also get to see. We also follow Fox back thru the curtain and get his immediate reaction to the match and his thoughts on how everything played out.

AR Fox has the word “wrestling” tattooed on his ring finger, and he has it there because he says he is addicted and “married” to wrestling. In this edition of ‘Backstage: CZW’ – you will get an in-depth, exclusive look at one of the hottest and most exciting athletes in all of wrestling, and you will get a sense of the passion that AR Fox has for wrestling as we take you behind the curtain in this exciting edition of RF Video’s ‘Backstage Pass’ with AR Fox!