Backstage Pass with Chuck Taylor

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In 2014, RF Video’s exclusive ‘Backstage Pass’ series is going to explode onto the scene and change the industry all over again. In November of 2013 we caught up with one of the biggest talents on the indy scene at CZW’s Night of Infamy event and recorded the next edition in the series with the one and only ‘Kentucky Gentleman’ Chuck Taylor! This DVD takes you behind the scenes in the Combat Zone and shows you how Taylor prepared for his huge CZW World Title match against Drew Gulak, and also sits him down for his first ever shoot interview with the RF Video cameras! This is your chance to meet one of the biggest stars on the scene like never before…

Chuck Taylor’s rise to prominence began at a young age and was as improbable as it gets. Growing up in small town Kentucky, Taylor had few options when he began his training during high school, and navigating through the lower end of the midwest wrestling scene as a minor was no easy task. In this shoot, we talk to Chuck Taylor about his first meeting and well-known friendship with Dragon Gate star Ricochet, his initial exposure and incredible matches he had with Low Ki and others at IWA-MS and the meteroic rise that soon followed. Chuck takes us through his journey one step at a time as we learned how a quiet kid from Murray, Kentucky became one of the most in-demand stars on the circuit today.

Among the topics and stops along the way were his introduction to Ricochet and Ian Rotten, his arrival as a ‘young lion’ in Chikara and thoughts on controversial Chikara leader Mike Quackenbush, his matches as an untested youngster with veteran powerhouse Low Ki, his arrivals in CZW, and eventually his launch to indy superstardom at Evolve and Dragon Gate USA. Over the last five years, Chuck Taylor has been in the ring with every big name on the indy scene and become one of the most beloved personalities along the way. Of course, during his rise to his indy fame he was known for literally making little kids cry, and we couldn’t go through an interview with Taylor without asking him all about it.

Taylor was open and honest about everything and anything we threw at him, from sharing the locker room with the Japanese stars from Dragon Gate and his candid and surprising opinions on some of the biggest stars in that company, to Gabe Sapolsky, the controversial and suprising closing of Chikara and why it happened, his thoughts on DJ Hyde and everyone else he crossed paths with during impressive career. And of course, this DVD is also your backstage pass to go behind the curtain and into the locker rooms at CZW and we followed Chuck Taylor every step of the way in November of 2013 as he prepared for another big match against Combat Zone Champion Drew Gulak. RF Video gives you unfiltered access that nobody else can give you, and we share it all with you on this edition of Backstage Pass with Chuck Taylor!