Backstage Pass with Devon Moore

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The history of independent wrestling in the city of Philadelphia spans back many years and even generations and over the years several men have laid claim to being the king of Philly. From the days of the civic center to the spectrum and of course the legendary ECW arena, Philadelphia has launched the careers of many of the industries biggest stars. When Vince took the world of sports entertainment global and ECW faded away a new generation of Philadelphia independent stars were born. In the last decade the ECW arena has continued to produce new stars including the man featured on RF VIDEOs latest edition of our backstage pass series. Of course the man we are talking about is Devon Moore the personification of Philadelphia itself. The kid from Manayunk who’s career started in a garage in South Philly has risen to the throne as one of todays top independent stars.

In this exclusive DVD we will go in depth for a three hour shoot interview and than go behind the scenes with him at his home at CZW’s High Stakes event from March 8th. In this explosive interview we discuss it all with Devon from his humble beginnings to his travels on the road with the Rockin Rebel, to his close relationship with Trent Acid, his ascension thru the ranks of PWU, IWA Mid-south and his eventual run as CZW Heavyweight champion at the ECW arena.

Devon Moore has always been known for speaking his mind and he fears no man. So of course in this interview RF VIDEO will discuss all the controversies as well. We go in depth what it was like to work with Johnny Kashmere, Ian Rotten and John Zandig. We also get his take on the tragic fall of Trent Acid, the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the CZW icon Nick Gage, life in the world of death matches and of course his feelings on current CZW owner DJ Hyde. These are just a few of the topics that we covered in this interview and by the time you are done watching it we are sure there will be many more topics to discuss.

For fans of the Philly wrestling scene this is one interview that you won’t want to miss as we cover the unlikely rise of Devon Moore of claim to being the king of Philly.