Backstage Pass with Drew Gulak

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In the world of independent wrestling, there are few wrestlers who carry themselves with as much integrity and command as much respect as Drew Gulak. His rise to the top tier of the independent wrestling business may have been unlikely to some but inevitable to those who know him best. A true student of the game, Gulak started like so many others on the other side of the guardrail, developed a dream, and worked as hard as anyone else in the game to reach the level of success he enjoys today. For the first time, Drew Gulak sits down exclusively with the RF Video cameras and discusses his entire career in great detail, and also invites us behind the curtain at CZW as we filmed another groundbreaking edition of our ‘Backstage Pass’ series.

Gulak began as a loyal follower of Combat Zone Wrestling, attending every show with his brother while watching the likes of Sick Nick Mondo, Trent Acid and John Zandig. Swept up in the emotion and the chaos of CZW, he enrolled in the school and began on a journey that would literally take him all over the world. From his days training with CZW, to the combination of schools with Chikara and his additional education from the likes of Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli (Antonio Cesaro) and Mike Quackenbush, and his ensuing rise to prominence, Gulak has carved out his spot in indy wrestling history.

In our interview, we will talk about everything from what it was like training with John Zandig, Quack and everyone else. The uncomfortable alliance between CZW and Chikara and what went wrong in the deal. Gulak’s earliest memories of the CZW locker room and what it was like to be around some of the biggest icons in the world of Ultraviolence. Gulak takes us into the world of Chikara, and discusses all the relevant personalities that he encountered as part of ‘Team Stranglehold’ and the occasional appearances he’s had since. Gulak details his rise through the ranks of CZW from ‘student’ to ‘World Champion’ and all the backstage drama and turbulence that he experienced along the way. Gulak was there during CZW’s highest of highs, lowest of lows, and recent resurgence to prominence and he will tell you what went down along the way. Gulak also tells about his experiences all over Europe, including a couple stories you need to hear to believe. We also discuss his recent work with Dragon Gate USA and Evolve, and what kind of experience he’s had working with Gabe Sapolsky and the rest of the DG crew.

And of course, we go behind the scenes with Gulak at January’s CZW event as he defends his World Title against upstart challenger ‘Lucky’ in a highly anticipated match that you will enjoy as part of this DVD release. You will get to enjoy the exclusive access that only RF Video can bring you, and it’s available now from RF VIDEO!