Backstage Pass with Greg Excellent

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Greg Excellent is known to Combat Zone Wrestling fans as one of the most entertaining comedic acts of CZW events, but now RF Video takes you behind the curtain and shows you a side of Greg Excellent that is rarely seen outside of the locker room. To the locker room of CZW, Greg Excellent is known as a veteran, leader and someone who will give their honest opinion for the benefit of the company.

On this edition of “Backstage Pass” you will hear how Greg Excellent got his start, from nearly being arrested over backyard wrestling in the State of Maryland, to getting trained and running his own promotion, to his meetings with John Zandig and how he ended up as a mainstay in Combat Zone Wrestling. We will also take you inside the life of Greg Excellent, where he talks about starting a family and working full-time while constantly being on the road to emotional topics such as the death of his best friend J.T. Roberts.

See how Greg Excellent went from wanting to be involved in CZW to one of its top fan favorites, as-well-as becoming one of the locker room leaders in the Combat Zone, as the RF Video cameras show you interviews from Greg’s peers within CZW, how Greg prepares for his matches and sticking up for his fellow wrestlers by pitching ideas to CZW Owner DJ Hyde. All of this and more, including his full match from later that night featured in this 3+ hour DVD!