Backstage Pass with Matt Tremont

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One of RF Video’s most anticipated new series is our exclusive ‘Backstage Pass’ series which we have recently started shooting on-site with our partners at Combat Zone Wrestling. One of the first editions in the new series was filmed in August at CZW’s event with one of the most popular hardcore stars in all of wrestling, ‘The Bulldozer’ Matt Tremont!

While Tremont is still a relative newcomer to the upper levels of Independent wrestling, he has already made quite the name for himself, singlehandedly bringing about a renaissance of Ultraviolence and spreading it across not just the entire country, but the world. The Bulldozer first made a splash in CZW two years ago at the annual Tournament of Death, which has long been the measuring stick of Ultraviolence and the most prestigious tournament in all of deathmatch wrestling. Since then, Tremont has competed in hardcore wars all over the country and Europe, even taking home the trophy at IWA East Coast’s Masters of Pain just a year ago. Tremont has gone toe to toe with the biggest names in the deathmatch world, including the Necro Butcher, Big Japan’s Abdullah Kobayashi, MASADA, Danny Havoc and more. In December 2012, he headlined one of the biggest events in independent wrestling when he defeated DJ Hyde in the main event of CZW’s Cage of Death in one of the bloodiest battles of the year in front of over 1000 fans. And on the August night in the Combat Zone when we went behind the curtain with Tremont, he teamed with one of his idols in ECW original Tommy Dreamer in a 6-Man Tag Team Match which he follow via “fan-cam” and include on this release.

As part of this edition of RF Video’s ‘Backstage Pass’ – we go behind the curtain and CZW with Matt Tremont and take you backstage and show you how the Bulldozer prepares for another hardcore war in front of some of indy wrestling’s toughest fans. We will show you what goes through the mind of one of the most intense invididuals to emerge on the wrestling scene in years and let you see what a day is like behind the scenes for one of CZW’s biggest stars. In addition, we also sat Tremont down for an exclusive 2 hour shoot interview that covers his entire life and career, from the streets of Atlantic City to the Cage of Death and across the pond to Germany where he continues to build an ever-growing legacy.

Here are just a few of the topics and questions we discussed with Matt Tremont in the sitdown shoot interview portion of ‘Backstage Pass’…

– His childhood in Atlantic City and time in the backyard
– His pre-career meeting with Zandig
– Growing up as an ECW and CZW fan
– The event where Matt first got noticed, and how it led to his first big opportunity
– His deathmatch debut at the Carnage Cup in 2011
– His early matches with Pinkie Sanchez, Danny Havoc, Devon Moore and Whacks
– How he got into CZW
– His very first match in the ECW Arena and his feelings that day
– Competing in Tournament of Death, an event he attended as a fan for years
– Wrestling against one of his heroes – the Necro Butcher
– His brutal matches with Masada
– Main Eventing at the ECW Arena as a rookie in November 2011
– Competing on his first Cage of Death card at the ECW Arena in a match with Danny Havoc
– His relationship with Danny Havoc
– The year long angle with DJ Hyde which included the main event at Tangled Web in August 2012
– His thoughts on DJ Hyde as a promoter, boss, and person
– Working for Ian Rotten and participating in King of the Deathmatch
– Getting to work the main event inside the Cage of Death at CZW’s biggest show of the year in Dec 2012
– His match against Sami Callihan on the Brain Damage Memorial Show and relationship with both Brain Damage and Sami Callihan
– Participating in and winning the 2012 IWA-EC Masters of Pain Tournament and his match there with Masada
– Working for the controversial Extreme Rising promotion
– Participating in the final angle as part of the Evolve event in the final ever show at the ECW Arena
– Getting to work with the ECW guys he looked up to as a kid
– What is Matt’s dream match?
– How does he manage to stay so humble despite accomplishing so much in such a short period of time?
– What are Matt’s goals in the wrestling business?
– His role in ‘On Point Wrestling’
– His thoughts on the other promotions he has worked for
– Matt’s thoughts on all the top names in CZW and thoughts on all his big matches thus far
– Matt’s message to his fans
And in addition to putting Matt in front of the microphone, we also talked with a number of other major players in the CZW locker room and asked them what they think of ‘The Bulldozer’. You’ll get to hear first hand why Matt is so respected among his peers and what makes him the star that he is at such a young age.

Matt Tremont is one of the true rising stars in the world of independent wrestling, and RF Video is proud to take you backstage, behind the curtain and into the locker room with the Bulldozer as one of the first editions of our exclusive ‘Backstage Pass’ series!