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I really do not know where to start. I get asked this question alot, Who was your best shoot interview with? What is your top 3 shoots of all time? When asked that question I usually say Roddy Piper, Tully Blanchard or Road Warriors. There are just to many to choose from. But on Saturday night we now have someone who has climed into our top 3 shoots of all time spots. Now I know your thinking, I am just saying this so you go ahead and buy this interview. That is not the case at all. When we sat down with Bad News Brown or Bad News Allen I did not know what to expect. What we got was one of our top three shoots of all time. I actually had to stop the tape at one point and tell him how amazing the interview was going.

Three hours later I was blown away and so was the rest of the RF VIDEO staff. I will put it all on the line and say he is now one of our top three shoots of all time. He has some of the best road stories of all time and we never even heard them from anyone before. If your a fan of New Japan, you will love this as Bad News was there with all the top dogs and the behind the scene stories of Abby, Brody, Hansen, Tiger Jet Singh are all amazing. Find out how he almost got into a fist fight with Andre the Giant on a bus and why Hulk Hogan ducked thinking a gun was involved. What happened in a bar in Sapporo when Tom Prichard got so drunk he got naked and the Somoans started a bar room brawl…..Why Bob Orton left Japan after the Yakuza legit wanted to kill him…. You will hear so many classic stories from Calgary Stampede with Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy and Bret Hart. Finally after three shoot interviews with Bret Hart talking bad about Bad News, we now have the response from Bad News about Bret Hart. Bad News talks about why they never got along and its a great story.

Why did Andre the Giant take a crap on him in Mexico….The WWE stories are a must see as Bad News has seen it all in the locker room and held nothing back..Why him and Roddy Piper had legit heat and why his program was so short….What happened with his meeting with Vince and how Bad News did not back down. His first hand account of the fight with Dynamite and Jacques. What happened when Randy Savage stiffed him in a match….What happened in Florida when Bad News confronted a green Lex Luger….The WWF stories are so amazing and there are so many first time stories on this DVD. As a huge WWF fan I was sitting there marking out.

In the world of professional wrestling, only one man could be referred to as BAD NEWS.

Traveling around the globe, from Inoki and New Japan, the Hart Family in Stampede, south of the border to Mexico, to facing a half black body painted Roddy Piper at WrestleMania VI, Bad News Allen has seen the wrestling business like few others. RF VIDEO is proud to present a shoot interview like none you have seen before as Bad News Allen sat down and talked about his entire career. Allen went into stories that even we and I thought we had seen it all have never heard. This is seriously one of the top three greatest shoots RF VIDEO has ever taken part of as Bad News had one story after another that were simply amazing to listen to. Allen traveled through the back pages of his career and went into vivid detail about everything, including how Cowboy Bob Orton was almost murdered in Japan and exposing some of the truth on two of the cult stories about the 1980s, Tom Magee, WWEs lost hope, and of course the story about Andre losing his bowels IN THE RING! That story alone, if you have never heard it, is worth the price of the DVD. Bad News lives up to his gimmick as guys like Roddy Piper, Dusty Rhodes and Dr. D David Shultz are buried in a manner that is nothing less than shocking. You want Bret Hart, Dynamite Kid, and Davey Boy Smith stories from their development in Stampede to their rise in the WWE, you got em here!

This is a great look back at the “decade of decadence” as Bad News made his name in three historic promotions during this time. You’ll get all the dirt on New Japan, Stampede and the then-WWF. All of the icons of the ’80s are talked about on here, and Bad News doesnt hold back and this without a doubt is one of the finest RF Video shoots ever as he teed off on so many legends! Lou Thesz, Billy Robinson, Riki Choshu, Hulk Hogan, Judo Gene Lebell, Kevin Sullivan, Brian Pillman,Randy Savage, Brutis Beefcake, Larry Cameron, Pat Patterson, Vader, Rick Steamboat, Tiger Jeet Singh, Abdullah the Butcher, Dynamite Kid, Bruiser Brody, Lex Luger, Owen Hart, Bret, Antonio Inoki, Hansen, Dick Murdoch, Davey Boy Smith, JYD, Randy Savage, Hercules, Chris Benoit, both Vince McMahons, Jason the Terrible, Peter Maivia, Akira Maeda, Wahoo McDaniel…these are just some of the cast of many names we give Bad News on this shoot. For fans of Stampede pro wrestling, and for fans of early New Japan, this shoot gives it all in telling stories and if that isnt enough, you’ll hear about an incident between Bad News and the legendary Andre the Giant which almost resulted in legit fight over Andre’s dropping the “N” bomb. What are you waiting for?! Over two and half hours of one of the most entertaining shoots ever filmed, without a dull moment to be found!

Were you a fan growing up
What age did you start to study judo
When did you realize you were good at it
What was the process like to compete in the olympics
What was the training like
What kind of a career could you have had in judo
Memories of the Pan American Games
How did you meet Inoki
Initial impressions of Inoki
Did you know who he was
What was the training like
Did anyone try and test you in training
What was a typical day like
Who else was in your class
What was it like adjusting to the culture
What was the biggest misconception you had about the business before you started training
Memories of your first match
What were the politics like at the time in NJPW
Did any of the Americans mentor you at that time on tours
Memories of your first matches with Andre in the 70s
When did the incident between you and Andre on the bus happen and can you tell the story
Why did they call you Buffalo
Memories of wrestling Jay Strongbow
How did you wind up in New York
Memories, impressions of Vince Sr
Was Toots still involved then
Memories from this time of Vince Jr
Memories of wrestling in MSG for the first time
In looking back through the records it seemed you only did preliminary matches in the few months you were there. Why was that?
Memories of working in Los Angeles and Gene Lebell
Was Gene as tough as his rep
What was the territory like at the time
Memories of the Guerreros
Thoughts on Eddies current success
Memories of Al Madril
You went back to the WWWF in December 81 for a tag match involving Riki Choshu. Memories of that match and how did it go over with the WWWF crowd?
Memories of Tito Santana from Japan in 80
Memories of teaming with Hogan on the tour in 80
What was he like back then
Was he a better worker back then in your opinion
Any good stories about him from that time
Memories of wrestling Inoki
Memories of Ken Patera
Memories of Tom Pritchard
Memories of Tiger Jeet Singh
Memories of teaming with Bobby Duncam in Los Angeles
Memories of Peter Maivia
Did you ever crack from all of the traveling
Did anyone from the NWA ever make a play for you since you fit the mold of a shooter that they liked to push
Did All Japan ever try and contact you
Memories of teaming with Abdullah The Butcher
Is it true that Abdullah the Butcher tried to keep other black wrestlers out of Japan
Memories of Bill Eadie
Memories of Dick Murdoch and any good stories
Memories of Stan Hansen and any good stories
Memories of traveling with Freddie Blassie in Japan
Who taught you how to do promos since you started training in Japan
Good travel stories in general from early days in Japan
Memories of Jim Duggan
A lot of wrestlers dont get to go to Japan for several years into their career. You started there and worked there frequently for the first few years. How did that help you?
How did you wind up in Calgary
Memories of Stu Hart
Stu stories
Initial impressions of the Hart family
Memories of matches with Bret
The both of you have had negative things to say about each other over the years, where does it stem from
Do you believe the allegations Dynamite Kid made about doing coke and drugs with Bret in his book
Were you pressured at all to do steroids
Memories of Davey Boy Smith
Did you ever work out with Stu in the dungeon
Memories of ladder matches with Bret
Dynamite tells a story about being put with you after an altercation between you and Bret. Can you elaborate on it
Have you ever tried to squash the heat with Bret
Talk about the story of Dynamite wanting you to run him over with a car
Did you ever have Visa problems
After the series with Dynamite you were married to Bret again. Were things any different this time around?
Memories of David Schultz from this time period
Were you surprised when he slapped Stossel and got fired
Good road stories from Stampede
Memories of your series with Jim Neidhart
Memories of Wayne Ferris from Stampede
Memories of JYD from Stampede
Memories of Archie Gouldie and any good stories
What happened that you guys got Ed Whalen to quit
What did you think of Ed as a commentator
Memories of touring with Bret in Japan
Any good road stories with Dave Schultz in Japan
For almost 2 yrs in Stampede you were wrestling either Bret or Dynamite. Why was that?
Memories of wrestling Lou Thesz & Billy Robinson
Early memories of Mexico
Memories of touring Australia and Jim Barnett
You did a few shows in 84 in Canada for the WWF, how did that come about
Memories of Mike Shaw
Do you remember the Rock from Peter Maivia’s shows
Early memories of Chris Benoit
Is it true you got him into Japan
Thoughts on how his career turned out
Memories of Tom Magee
When could you see the writing on the wall that Stampede was in trouble
Memories of Steve Williams from Japan
Memories of Maeda
Were you on the tour when he shot on Andre
Were you on the tour when he shot on Choshu
When Stu sold off Stampede, you were supposed to go to Vince then with Bret and Dynamite. What is the story with that?
How do you think your career would have been different if you went then?
How did you wind up in Florida
Who was booking there at the time
Thoughts on the area
Thought on Mike Graham
Thoughts on Lex Luger
Thoughts on Wahoo McDaniel
Were you there the night Brody shot on Luger
Thoughts on Brody
Thoughts on Brody jumping back and forth between All and New Japan
What do you think happened in Puerto Rico
Memories of Barry Windham
Memories of Ron Simmons
Memories of Kevin Sullivan
What was the story about losing to Humperdink
Memories of Ray Candy
Memories of Bigelow from Japan
Why was it on the tour of April 87 you and Maeda had several singles matches but none of them had a finish. they were either draws or count outs?
How did you wind up going back to Stampede
How did things change by then
How did Stu change
Memories of Brian Pillman
Memories of matches with Owen Hart
Memories and any stories about touring with Buzz Sawyer in Japan
Memories of Cpl Kirchner from Stampede
Memories of one of your last matches in Stampede which was with Benoit
How did you wind up in the WWF
Initial thoughts on Vince
Initial thoughts on the locker room
Were you accepted
How had Hogan changed
Thoughts on Savage
What were the politics like
Were guys paranoid about you coming in and taking their spot
What were you promised coming into the WWF
Did you bury the heat with Bret early on
Thoughts on Dynamite around this time
Did you find it ironic that your first main program there was with Bret
Memories of your first Wrestlemania and the Battle Royal
Memories of your series with Bret
Were there problems between the two of you
Memories of matches with Neidhart
Memories of your first main event against Hogan in New Jersey
Was that the biggest house show pay off you ever got
What was the biggest pay off you ever got in the WWF
Memories of working with JYD
Was he a mess by this time
What was the drug scene like
Memories of matches with Patera
Memories of matches with Ultimate Warrior
Is it true that you called yourself the Ultimate Warrior early in your career
Thoughts on Warrior
Are you aware that WWE put a DVD completely burying Warrior out and thoughts
Memories of your series with Savage
Were there any problems between you two as far as involving Elizabeth in spots, etc
Thoughts on how paranoid Savage would be with Liz
How paranoid was Savage in general
Memories of working with John Studd
Memories of the street fights with Savage
Memories of matches with Hercules
Memories of working with Ron Garvin and his chops
Did you work without a contract at this time
Memories of matches with Owen
Memories of matches with Beefcake
Were you there when Jacques and Dynamite had their incident
Did you ever see anyone crack on the road
Did anyone complain during this time about doing a job for you
Memories of Dusty in the WWF
Is it true that you went to Vince about Saphire’s name
It seemed at times you would be in a feud and then just linger around the cards for months before something else. Do you think that Vince didn’t knowvwhat to do with you?
Thoughts on Pat Patterson
Why do you think you never had a big ppv match with Hogan or Savage
How did you find out that Roddy Piper was going to wear black face
Did you let Vince or Roddy know how offensive that was
What were there reactions
Why was the match a double count out and not a decisive finish
Do you think you should have went over since Roddy was part time and you were full time
Thoughts on the match
Did you give your notice after this
How did that come about
How did Vince react
Memories of series with Jake Roberts
Jake’s problems have been documented. What was he like then?
Did you find it odd you did jobs for him everywhere around the horn in the months prior to Summer Slam
How were you treated on the way out
You have said that the WWF was 2 1/2 years of your life you didn’t enjoy. Why?
Any good road stories and ribs from then
Best memory of that time
How did you wind up in New Japan again
Was it different for you this time now that you were a former WWF star
How much had Benoit improved by that time
Memories of Vader
Memories of Larry Cameron
Memories of Chono
Memories of Furnas and Kroffat from UWA
Bam Bam told a story years ago about a match you all had in UWA where Andre took a shit in the ring, what do you recall about it
What happened with a snake in Mexico
How come you never wound up in WCW? Was there contact?
What did you think of the whole Survivor Series incident with Bret
Memories of UWF
Any good stories about Danny Hodge and Lou Thesz
How much of UWF was a work and how much a shoot
Why did it fail
Memories of wrestling a young Sexton Hardcastle
Any good Tony Cordello road stories
Early memories of Chris Jericho
Memories wrestling a young Christian Cage
Memories of Don Callis
Memories of working Ricky Steamboat
How did you like doing commentary a few years back
Was it humbling to take a job as a mall security guard or did you enjoy it
How is your school going?
Are you releasing a book
What do you think of all of the books that have come out
What were your thoughts on the sale of WCW to Vince
Do you think TNA can survive
Do you like UFC and Pride
Can you repeat the Karl Moffat/Jason the Terrible locker room story you told in an interview a few years ago
Would you have done either if they were around in your prime
What do you miss most about the business
What do you think of the current product
What do you think of the start of the current war between UFC and WWE
Are you still active with your website?