Balls Mahoney 2012 Shoot Interview

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Pro wrestling is filled with a wide range of characters, wildmen, brawlers, savages and even cave men like creatures.  There is only one wrestler in 2012 that can fit into all of these characteristics and that would be the hardcore chair swinging freak, Balls Mahoney…


In 2012 Balls Mahoney was surrounded by controversy surrounding many alleged incidents from other wrestlers like New Jack and indy promoters down in Florida.  Balls was accused of sharing blood with ring rats, going on drug binges and throwing up on fans at Indy shows in NJ, reckless behavior outside the ring that could damage his opponents if they were to bleed together and there were even accusations that he was doing meth and heroin causing his teeth to fall out.

Now for the first time because Balls did not have a computer to give his side of the story he contacted RF VIDEO to do his shooting.  He came to us as he wanted to tell his side of the stories.  Balls tells his side of the story to what happened down in Florida with female fans, what happened in a hotel room and how the blood got everywhere.  He talks about his drug addictions and why he feels he has no problem.

He addresses New Jack during the interview and talks about what could happen if they fight which later became a reality just 4 days after we filmed this interview due to some comments in this shoot that we did not edit out.  Is Balls a racist, you decide after watching his interview.

The interview will disturb many people as Balls talks about his wild life style outside of the ring, you will hear how he does drink blood and admits to being into satanism.    What really went down at the EXtreme Rising show between the two and how the two almost came to blows, including how Balls had a gun in his pocket ready to use on New Jack if he needed to.   This is one crazy interview that goes into some dark places.

Oh yea before I forget, this was a shoot interview so of course we talk about wrestling like his return in the ring for the TNA PPV, his WWE run, his love/hate relationship with Axl Rotten, thoughts on Abby and the reports he might have hep C,  views on Vince, what he did on the road for WWE and why he left the company and of course we talk about the promotion that put him on the map…..ECW ECW ECW plus so much more!!