Balls Mahoney Shoot Interview

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Features a shoot style interview along with matches and highlights. Balls Mahoney is the new Hardcore Icon of ECW. He talks about his current hardcore style along with getting powerbombed through fire and thumbtacks. He also talks about his current feud with the Dudleys, and all of his other great matches in ECW. He goes back to the beginning with stories of Chris Candido and himself getting started in the business when they were teenagers, along with stories of him making it through the long and tough independent scene. He has plenty of stories with his involvement with Jim Cornette and Smoky Mountain as well as interesting stories of his time working in Puerto Rico. Find out what happened to his Xanta Claus gimmick in the WWF, a first hand story of the night he burned Abdullah the Butcher, and the result when Hacksaw Duggan didn’t cooperate with the Hardcore Chair Swinging Freak in a match…Great Stuff!!