Barbie Blank Shoot Interview

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RF Video is back with a brand new shoot interview with possibly one of the hottest WWE Divas of all time Barbie Blank formerly known as Kelly Kelly.  But this time there is a twist, conducting the interview is none other than the Innovator of Violence himself, Tommy Dreamer.  Who better to conduct the interview than the guy who hired her in the WWE and was also her mentor and best friend.  Who better to ask her all the questions that we did not even know about!!!  Tommy Dreamer and Kelly have amazing chemistry together and you will see when Kelly sits down for her first ever tell all interview with RF Video!

During the interview you will learn how Kelly got hired from the WWE and what it was like for her when she got trained in OVW.  What was life like at a very young age for this blond bombshell and what were her thoughts on the training process.  Who did she hang with and who does she consider her mentor. We cover her in ring debut with ECW and her thoughts on Paul Heyman. working with Balls, Sandman, CM PUNK  and Mike Knox, doing her striptease and so much more!!

It was not long before Kelly was brought up to the main RAW roster and got to work with the top Divas like Beth Phoenix, LayCool, Victoria, Bella twins, Maryse, Natalya, Jillian Hall and you will here stories on all of her top matches with the other divas that she shared the locker room with.  What was it like working the big shows and winning the title?  What politics did she witness and what were her relationships like with the bosses in the office?

We talk to her all about life on the road, working for all the brands and her big money matches for the company.  Kelly also gives her views on all the top acts in the company as she shared the locker room with everyone from John Cena, Undertaker, Edge, and all the talent you see every week on Raw and Smackdown.

This is one of the funnest interviews we have done to date as Tommy Dreamer does not miss a beat, this is one not to miss!

How did you get started in wrestling
Were you a fan growing up
Is it true that Steve Austin was your favorite wrestler growing up
Talk about your background in Gymnastics and Cheerleading
Did you go to college and what did you study
What was it like early on working as a model and what were your goals before wrestling
How did you get approached by John Laurinatis to train in 2006 in OVW
What were your early memories of OVW
What other talent were in the camp that you were in
Did you ever want to quit early on
What was harder for you learning how to bump or picking up in ring psychology
Take us thru a typical week down there
Who were the trainers there at the time
Memories of Danny Davis
Memories of Rip Rogers
Did you work at all with Tom Prichard
Who were some of the other girls that were breaking in at the time
Talk about being called up to the main roster and what that meant to you
Initial impressions of meeting Vince McMahon
Were you promised anything early on with your character
Any memories of your ECW debut back on June 13 20006 as an exhibitionist and did you like that gimmick?
Did you like being paired with Mike Knox and what was he like outside the ring?
Memories of working ECW house shows with Francine and Trinity doing the Bikini contests
What was it like working with Francine
Memories of first meeting Test
Did you have any interaction at all with Vince during your time there and was he approachable
What was it like to work with HHH and did he have power at the time
Did you have any interaction with Steph and how was she as a boss
Talk about your memories of working with Sandman and Tommy Dreamer when you managed Test and Mike Knox.
What was Torrie Wilson like to work with and how was she outside of the ring?
Early memories of CM Punk  and what was he like outside of the ring
Did you like the angle you did with him where you had the crush on him
Memories of working with Kevin Thorn and Ariel
Memories of working with  Layla and Brooke to form Extreme Expose
Memories of working with Balls Mahoney
Memories of working with Beth Phoenix
Did you like your mini program with Layla after you guys split up
Memories of Victoria and how was she to work with in the ring
What did it mean to you to be drafted to Raw in 2008 were you happy you would be getting more of a push on that show
Who did you travel with at the time.
Who did you consider your mentor
Memories of working with Mickie James in your debut to face Layla and Jillian Hall
Memories of working with Jillian Hall and Mickie and what were they like to work with in and out of the ring
Memories of working a small program with Beth Phoenix
Memories of Candice Michelle
Were all the girls friendly behind the scenes or was there ever any jealousy for spots.
Memories of teaming up with Gail Kim and Melina to face Team Raw ( Natalya, McCool and Phoenix
Memories of Alicia Fox
Memories of Eve Torres
Memories of Vickie Guerrero
Did you like getting drafted to Smackdown in 2010
Memories of working with Rosa Mendes
Memories of Tiffany
Did you like teaming up with Tiffany to face Laycool
Memories of working season 3 NXT with Namoi as her rookie
Memories of Kaitlyn
Memories of working with Drew Mcintyre
Memories of teaming up with Edge to face Ziggler and Laycool in a two on three handicap on Smackdown
IN April of 2011 you were drafted back to Raw any thoughts on that and were you happy
Memories of working with Brie Bella
What were the Bella twins like out side of the ring
Memories of winning the title June of 2011 from Bella
Memories of feuding with Beth over the title over SummerSlam and Hell in a Cell where you lost the belt to her
Memories of Mania teaming up with Maria Menounos to face Eve and Beth Phoenix
Why did WWE release you in September of 2012
Did you have a neck injury
What were your plans at the time
Did you leave with the door left open
What is it like outside of the WWE bubble and what are your future goals
Favorite moments in the WWE
What were your favorite matches looking back in your career

Name Game any good stories on any of these names
Tommy Dreamer
Steph McMahon
John Cena
Dave Finlay did you work with him at all when he was working with the girls
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Mick Foley
Paul Heyman
The Rock