Barry Darsow Shoot Interview

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Barry Darsow who was formally Repo Man and Demolition Smash. He talked about his start in the early days from Florida to Mid Atlantic and Mid South. We talk about all his different gimmicks and how he became a russian. Everything you ever wanted to know about him is discussed especially all of his major feuds with Jim Duggan, JYD, R+R X,Nikoali Volkoff, Dr Death Steve Williams, Terry Taylor and Magnum TA. He talked in great detail about the riots that they caused in Mid South and how Bill Watts treated his talent. We also take a pit stop in Florida as we learn all about that promotion with Dusty, Sullivan, Graham,Guerreros and JJ Dillon. You want to hear how he ended up in the NWA well we find out. How did he get paired with Ivan and what were his thoughts on Nikita Koloff. We talk in great details about their feud with the Rock N Roll Xpress and all the greats of the NWA era. You will hear how he almost knocked out Crockett after a Starcade event. In fact it was the same event that Billy Jack Haynes talked about in his shoot. It must have been a rough night for the Crocketts. How did he end up going to the WWF and becoming one of the greatest tag teams of all time Demolition. What were his initial thought on Vince and teaming up with Axe? We talk about all of his infamous tag matches with Hart Foundation, Bulldogs, Powers of Pain, Tully and Arn, Rockers and of course the Road Warriors. Tully Blanchard gets some heat and you will find out why he had a problem with Tully. Find out about the problems they might have had with LOD. We talk in great detail why the team broke up and how he became the Repo Man in the WWF. We dont miss any of his feuds at all in this one. Why did he leave the WWF and go back to WCW and how did Arn Anderson help him land a job as Blacktop Bully. He talked about why he got fired after his truck blood bath match with Dustin and why he was brought back. This is a great interview if you want to hear about all your favorite wrestlers from the 80’s and 90’s. I will have more details on this in the near future.

Were you a fan growing up
Who did you enjoy watching
Is it true you went to school with went to school with Nikita Koloff, John Nord, Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, Tom Zenk and Brady Boone
Memories of each, who were you friendly with in those days
How did you break in, who trained you
What was his training like
Who else was in class
Why do you think so many of his wrestlers were successful
What was the hardest thing to pick up in training
Memories of your first match
How did you hook up with Bill Watts
Thoughts on Bill Watts as a booker and a boss
Any good Watts stories
Do you think Watts was a bully
Who gave you the Krusher Darsow gimmick
Memories teaming with Nikoali Volkoff
Memories of working shows with the Von Erichs
Memories of working with Kerry in Oklahoma City
Memories of your series with Duggan
Memories of matches with JYD
Memories of working Paul Boesch shows
Memories/thoughts on Ted Dibiase
Memories of Steve Williams’
memories of your matches with Magnum TA
memories of Mr. Wrestling 2
Memories of your series with Terry Taylor
How crazy were the crowds back then
Fav matches or moments
Talk about how hot the feud got
Do you think if Watts kept his TBS time slot he could have been a success nationally
Memories of your run as champ
What was the road schedule like
What was it like when JYD left for the WWF
How did you wind up in FLA
Thoughts on Eddie Graham
Thoughts on the office run by JJ Dillon and Dusty
Compare Eddie and Bill Watts
Did you like this territory more or less than Watts’ area
Memories teaming with Nedihart
Memories of Billy Jack
Memories of Kevin Sullivan
Memories of when Billy Graham came in
Memories of matches with the Guerreros
Memories of matches with the Freebirds
Memories of wrestling Dusty
What do you remember about how Dusty leaving for Crockett
Was he responsible for bringing you over
How hard did Eddie take it
Billy Jack thinks Eddie committed suicide because of this, do you think so
What do you remember about Eddie’s suicide and how you heard the news
Initial impressions of Jim Crockett
Thoughts on teaming with Nikita who you went to school with
Thoughts on Ivan
Ivan has said in his book he had a drinking problem throughout his career, did it affect you guys
Memories of matches with the Road Warriors
Do you think they should have sold more
Memories of matches with the Rock N Roll Express
How hot was the crowd during those matches and the night they beat you for the belts
Memories of the Four Horsemen
Memories of matches with Sam Houston
Memories of working Crusher and Bruiser at Super Clash
What happened with your knee injury
Did you fee that the Russians gimmick was running out of steam after the Cold War ended
Memories of road stories from the territory
Who were your fav guys to work with
Memories of the Russians feud with Magnum
Where were you when you heard about Magnums crash and how did it affect you
Memories of matches with the Kansas Jay Hawks
Memories of matches with Dusty and Nikita
Memories of matches with Barry Windham
How did you wind up in the WWE
How did Dusty take it when you gave notice
Initial impressions of Vince
Were you signed to the WWE first and then given the Demolition gimmick or were you signed to specifically replace Randy Culley
Why didn’t Randy Culley work out in Demolition
Did you talk to Hawk or Animal about it beforehand
Initial impressions of Bill Eadie
Thoughts on teaming with him
Did you feel silly wearing the make up on TV when everyone had seen you for years without it
How did life change for you when you became a WWF superstar
Was the privacy an advantage or disadvantage since you wore makeup
How were you treated by the locker room
Memories and thoughts on Hogan
Thoughts and memories on Savage
Memories of your series with the Bulldogs
Memories of your series with Strike Force
Thoughts and memories of Fuji as a manager
Did he rib you guys a lot
Memories of matches with the Powers of Pain
How come you guys were booked against the Powers of Pain right away and then you guys were separated quickly and not put back together for awhile
What was the road schedule like back then
Do you think that the gimmick would work today
Memories of matches with the Hart Foundation and the Rockers
Are you surprised at how successful Shawn and Bret became
Memories of matches with Tully and Arn
Memories of your first Wrestlemania
Memories of Ultimate Warrior in and out of the ring
Memories of Jake Roberts in and out
Memories working Mil Mascaras at the Boesch Retirement Show
Did the boys secretly root for Hogan to get the belt from Savage because the payoffs on house shows were better
What was the drug use like there
Were you surprised when Dusty came over
Was Dusty ribbed when he first came over because of his past
Thoughts on steroids
How hard was it to stay in shape during your wwf run
Memories working Andre the Giant
Memories wrestling Baba and Andre
How come Brian Adams was added to the mix
How did that change the dynamic
Did you prefer teaming with Barry or Bill
In Demolition did you prefer being heels or faces
Thoughts on when the Road Warriors came over
Did you think big money when they came in
Do you think the matches lived up to expectations
Memories of the 6 mans involving Warrior
Memories of wrestling a main event against Hogan on a Pay Per View at Survivor Series
Memories of wrestling Kitao and Tenryu at Wrestlemania
Whos idea was it to dismantle the gimmick
How did you get the Repo Man gimmick
Did you like it
Did you have to change your style of working
Do you prefer tags or single matches
Were you surprised when Flair came over
Memories of matches with Bossman
Memories of wrestling Brian Adams
How did things change when Hogan stopped working for Vince
How did you wind up leaving
How did you wind up in WCW
Did Hogan change at all in WCW
Thoughts on Eric Bischoff
Whos idea was it to be the Blacktop Bully
Did you like that gimmick
At Uncensored you and Dustin got in a lot of trouble for your match, what happened
Were you surprised you got fired
How were your brought back later
Was it hard just being a bit player as compared to a featured player
Thoughts on the NWO at the time and Hall and Nash
Did Hogan continue to look out for you
What do you think killed WCW
Thoughts on Vince Russo
Would you have been part of Eric Bischoff’s new WCW
How did you find out it was sold
What was your reaction as well as the other guys
How did you wind up back for the gimmick battle royal
How were you treated by Vince
What did you think of the way WWE changed
Was a door open for you to come back
What lead to your retirement from full time wrestling
What do you do today
Do people recognize you
Do you still stay in touch with your peers
What is wrong with the indys today
Would you like to go into the WWF Hall of Fame
Are you surprised that Flair and Hogan are still active wrestlers
What do you think of Vince wrestling
Is there anyone that made it that surprised you and is there anyone who didn’t make it who you thought would
Do you still watch wrestling
What are your thoughts on all of the deaths of the past few years and which in particular hit you hardest
Favorite Ribs
Advice for young guys
Who were your favorite and least fav guys to work with
Who were your favorite and least fav bookers to work for and why
Thoughts on newsletters and the internet
Do you want to write a book
Any regrets