Barry Windham Vol. 2 Shoot Interview

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RF Video had the honor of revisiting one of our personal favorite Shoot Interviews. For the second time in RF Video history, we have sat down with one of the greatest wrestlers of the last generation. From WrestleMania to Horseman to Widowmaker, RF Video is honored to sit down for a second time with Barry Windham.

Since our last interview, Barry joined the WWE as a producer/road agent. Barry brings us backstage into the inner workings of today’s WWE. Barry compares the psychology and intangibles of today’s wrestlers to his peers. Barry openly comments on several of the WWE’s current superstars. How has Barry’s relationship with Vince McMahon changed over the years? All of this and more is answered by the former NWA world champion.

Barry talks about being groomed and the plan in the 80s to make him NWA champion. Barry also talks about the frustrations of several veterans, including one recognizable name who didn’t want to help put him over. Barry also talks about a Hall of Fame wrestler who had no interest in helping Barry get over in the ring in Florida. This is great and truly candid insight into unchartered territory from B.W.

Barry talks a lot about the Four Horsemen. Barry talks about being angry with two wrestlers in particular who didn’t want to put the Horsemen over and what he did about it. Barry also talks about all of the complex relationships within the Horsemen. Barry talks about the grudges between Horsemen. Barry also talks about the partying and answers the question as to whether the years of partying took years off of his career.

Barry’s rivalry with Ric Flair is argued by some as the greatest of all-time. Barry talks about the psychology of wrestling 60 and 90 minute matches with Ric. Barry also talks about his anger with Ric when Ric wouldn’t put him over and left the WWE with the NWA/WCW title. Barry also talks about the last years of Ric Flair in the WWE from a management perspective and how the office felt about Ric. Barry also talks quite honestly about the prospect of Flair wrestling again and being a part of his legendary retirement ceremony on RAW.

Barry dodges no questions and we throw him some fast balls. Barry talks about steroid use in wrestling and his own steroid usage. Barry talks about when he did steroids and how they impacted him in the ring. Barry also talks about his various WWE runs as a wrestler. How would Barry’s career have changed if he never left the WWE in the 80s? Barry looks back and answers that question.

Barry is known as being one of the best in the ring. Barry drops a surprising name of a wrestler he never gelled with in the ring. This is definitely not a name you would expect, or ever hear in this regard. Barry explains why they didn’t work well together and what he did to help fix this.

Barry reflects deeper into his career than ever before. How did Dusty Rhodes help him throughout his career? What was his favorite time in his career? What would he have done differently? Did he like wrestling the gimmick matches in Florida? Who was his favorite tag team partner? Barry answers these in detail and his answers may surprise you.

From the road stories, the ribs, the booking , being Ric Flair’s chauffer, and the classic battles, Barry Windham covers them all in almost three hours. Barry will do what he did best and take you on an exciting ride from bell to bell. RF Video is proud to present an all-new Shoot Interview with one of the greatest wrestlers of all-time, Barry Windham.

We last spoke in 2002, what have you been up to since then
How did you wind up in the WWE as a producer
Can you describe your job duties
How had Vince McMahon changed
Was he approachable
Thoughts on John Laurenitus
How did the younger wrestlers receive you
What was the biggest difference you found between these wrestlers and the wrestlers from your era
What do you think of scripted promos
Was there anyone you took under your wing
How did you wind up back in the ring against Volkoff and Sheik
Thoughts on the match
Were you hesitant about doing it
Thoughts on Steamboat’s comeback
Were there ever any attempts to get you in the ring with Ric Flair for a match
Thoughts on Flair’s retirement ceremony
Thoughts on Flair wanting to come back
How did you know when it was over
How hard is it to adjust to life after wrestling
Physically, what kind of a toll did your style take on you
Do you think psychology is a lost art today
Do you agree with some old school fans that say the guys today aren’t good workers
Thoughts on John Cena
Thoughts on how the Horsemen DVD came out
Thoughts on Ole and Sid not participating
Thoughts on Ole’s comments over the last several years
Thoughts on Lex Luger today
Has he really changed
What do you think makes someone a good worker
You called yourself overrated in the last shoot. Do you still believe that?
Do you think a territory could work today
Where do you see the business in the next few years
How is your father doing
Thoughts on his Hall of Fame ceremony
Do you expect to go in at some point
Thoughts on MMA and wrestling comparisons
How important was it to know how to shoot when you broke into the business
Who do you enjoy watching today
How important was Dusty Rhodes to your career
As a road agent, did you find the office open to your feedback
Was it hard being back on the road and not wrestling
What was the biggest misconceptio n you had about the job before starting it
Why do you think wrestling can only draw 1-3 times a year in the same place as opposed to monthly in your day
Do you think a WCW reunion could work similar to ECW
Are you surprised Sting is still wrestling
Memories wrestling in the War Games for MLW
Do you think TNA can compete with the WWE at some point
Who didn’t you get to work with that you wished you did
Why were you released from your WWE gig
Is there hard feelings there
What do you do today to make a living
Can you still make a decent living with signings and appearances
Are you surprised as to how highly your regarded by your fans even today
Do you plan on writing a book
Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today
What do you remember about Brody shooting on Luger in the cage
What was your worst blade job
Which death surprised you most over the last few years
Why do you think guys tend to get hurt more today
Can 60 minute draws still work
How were you and Ric able to capture an audience for 90mns
Why do you thi nk Dusty’s TCW didn’t work
Anyone in particular you are looking forward to seeing at the NWA reunion in August
Why do you think tag team wrestling is struggling today
Have you ever talked to TNA about doing any work there
Do you think Eric Bischoff would still be in business today if he bought WCW
JBL once told a story about you guys finding the Iron Sheik doing squats in his underwear, can you elaborate
Any crazy Sheik stories from your run in the 80s
What was your favorite Horseman faction
Thoughts on Paul Roma’s comments on the Horseman DVD
How important was it to your career to change your gim mick from Blackjack Mulligan JR
Why do you think some second generation wrestlers get it where others don’t
Memories of Andre the Giant
Is it true that Adrian Adonis didn’t want to put you and Mike over
Thoughts on Shane and Stephanie McMahon
Thoughts on Triple H
Thoughts on Randy Orton
Memories of the Halloween Havoc angle where you dressed as Sting
Do you think the WWE is too sensitive about its Wellness Policy as compared to your day where guys drank and took pills more often
Do you think you and Hogan could have drawn money if the Widowmaker worked out
Do you think you still have something to offer the business
What was your favorite WWE run
Do you think you ever got a fair chance by Vince
Are you surprised that there have been 25 WrestleManias and how huge it has gotten
Memories of the first WrestleMania
Do you believe Vince would have been bankrupt if it failed
How different is the WWE run today as opposed to 1985
Put 5 matches in a time capsule
Any regrets
Favorite tag team partner
Was there a guy you hated workin g with because you just felt that you didn’t gel well
Is there a guy or two still wrestling today that surprises you
Did you ever refuse to do a job
Ric Flair has said that he refused to drop the belt to you in WCW because of his contract situation. How different would your career have been if he did?
Were you upset about that at the time?
Would you have done the same thing?
Billy Jack Haynes did a shoot and said he thought Eddie killed himself because Dusty stole his guys. Do you agree
Your dad told a story on an interview about Ric Flair having you chauffer him around when you were 15. Memories of this…
Any other good Ric Flair stories
Do you think you would have made a good NWA champion in the 80s
Memories of the Von Erichs
Is it true that you had a fallout with Mike
You came back in WCW at one point a lot heavier, what happened
Favorite time in the business
Favorite road story
Favorite ribs