Behind Closed Doors with Bret Hart

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The best there was…

The best there is…

The best there ever will be.

Only one man in the history of professional wrestling can be associated with the previous statement. A man from one of the greatest wrestling families, the crown jewel of that family, and a true Canadian icon. A man who has been often imitated but never duplicated. During the age of the big man, he brought wrestling back to the World Wrestling Federation. A man who helped usher in the age of Attitude and made Steve Austin truly “Stone Cold.” A beloved face, a hated heel, multi time world champion in WWE, WCW, US Champion, IC Champion, Tag Team Champion in both leagues, simply one of the most decorated champions in the history of the business. We all know what happened in 1997, but no matter what happened in Montreal, this man will always be known as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of the century. A wrestling machine, and a genius of psychology with a masters degree inside the squared circle…

In 2000, Bret Hart spoke with RF VIDEO the first time at the Hart Family house about his run in the WWE

In 2001, Bret Hart came back to RF VIDEO to talk more about WCW, his epic career and his excellence of execution…

In 2005, Bret Hart completes the RF VIDEO hat trick.with “Behind Closed Doors with Bret Hart”

Every wrestling fan is anticipating Bret Hart?s upcoming three disc DVD collection in November, and what could be a better compliment to that set than Bret?s two hour no-holds-barred discourse on wrestling. Yes, you will hear Bret unleash his true thoughts on such WWE superstars as HBK, Triple H, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and even WWE owner Vince McMahon. Certainly you?ll be glued to your seats when Bret talks about the Hulkster?s comment of Hart “not being one of the boys” after refusing to put over Shawn Michaels, as this is a side of the Hitman most wrestling fans have never seen. But the focus of this DVD is Bret?s insights on what it takes to succeed in the wrestling business today.

Watch, listen and learn as Bret talks about the psychology of wrestling, including what the difference is between a good finish and a bad finish. Bret went over several of his biggest feuds including, of course, HBK. If you want to know how Bret really felt about the promos he and Shawn were cutting on each other back in 1997, then this is the DVD for you. If you watched RF VIDEO?s other top selling DVD in the Behind Closed Series, with Jake “The Snake” Roberts, than you know how this disc will be an invaluable asset for anyone interesting in getting into wrestling, or just finding out more about how the inner-workings operate.

A wrestling version of Being John Malkovich, this edition of Behind Closed Doors is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get inside the head of the Hitman and learn everything that Bret has learned in his 20 year career. What it takes to be an effective heel. When do certain things need to get done and why they are done in the first place. The mentality of a successful professional wrestler is examined and discussed thoroughly.What is the hardest thing for a young wrestler to grasp

  • What is the first thing you were taught by your father
  • What are some of the missing ingredients or intangibles in independent wrestlers
  • Explain wrestling psychologyWhat is more important, selling, psychology, the finish, or bumping
  • How do you develop a good finish
  • What is the difference between a good and bad finish, examples
  • Do you prefer to have your opponents adapt to your style or do you adapt to theirs
  • Explain the kick out, the pin, and the timing
  • Problems with working with Bad News Brown
  • Why do you think so many wrestlers do not go for a pin early in a title match and your thoughts
  • Is there a different approach technically when wrestling on a Wrestlemania as compared to a house show back in the wwf
  • Who back in the 80s and 90s did you learn the most from as an opponent
  • Who have you been in the ring with where you said, this guy just doesnt get it
  • Explain the difference between stiffing your opponent and making something look good
  • Can you be a good high flying wrestler and still have good psychology
  • How smart do you think the fans are to what is going on in the ring
  • Has wrestling had to adapt in the ring to the lack of kayfabe and smarting up of the fans
  • Do you think Hulk Hogan had good psychology, and why
  • Do you think Ric Flair had good psychology and why or why not?
  • How important is a good announcer
  • What is the difference between a good and bad promo
  • How much do you know about what you are going to say before you say it on a promo
  • Do you prefer to sell or comeback
  • What is the key to the placement of the sharpshooter and why it got so over
  • Do you think it is a good idea to stick with the same kind of a match and tweak it for your opponents
  • Do you think that full scripted promos are hurting todays product
  • Do you think cruiserweight wrestlers expose the business
  • What is the differnence in pyschology in working in a main event as compared to an undercard match
  • How do you go about working a championship match any differently
  • How would you book a successful feud from start to finish in todays era
  • Do you think the promos in your feud with Shawn in 1997 were to real, what was right or wrong with that program
  • Is it better for a babyface or a heel to set the pace of the match
  • What is the psychology of working a good tag team match as opposed to a bad one
  • Talk about the start and end to a good wrestling story
  • How much does a crowd dictate what you do in a match
  • Thoughts on when wrestlers ignore the crowd and book the match from start to finish and stick to it regardless
  • Back in the 80s how much of the match did you know before you went into it
  • WHat is the difference in psychology when you wrestle someone once knowing that you are coming back to the same town next month in a rematch and possibly a third
  • Take us through a match with Owen, what you knew going in, through the match, the finish, etc
  • What makes someone a good babyface
  • How difficult is it to do a live promo when the crowd isnt reacting to what you are saying
  • What makes someone a good heel
  • Can a booker be successful as a full time wrestler at the same time
  • What made Stu Hart a good booker as compared to Eric Bischoff
  • Can two heels or two babyfaces have a successful match against each other without tarnishing the other’s character or your own
  • What are the keys to staying on top after you have done jobs to the top guy in the top program
  • What are some common mistakes made in matches
  • What is the difference psychology wise in working in a gimmick match like a steel cage match or a lumberjack match
  • What advice would you give to someone in the wwe who gets a rare match on Heat and Velocity to make themselves stick out
  • Can a non wrestler be a good booker
  • People say you have a great wrestling mind, what makes you so great in their eyes do you think
  • When is it right and when is it wrong to get color
  • Can a newsletter or an internet reporter objectively critique a match
  • Can talent overcome being buried by the office
  • What is a good wrestling surprise as compared to a bad surprise
  • When you have 8 minutes for a tv match, and right before the match you are told you only have 5 mns. What do you take out?
  • How do you approach a match where you are asked to make someone and can you give an example
  • How important as a booker is it to listen to the fans or not to
  • Is it true that you were supposed to wrestle Rick Steamboat at Wrestlemania 2
  • What made Pat Patterson a great finish man
  • You recommended several wrestlers to the WWE, Test for one. What is it that you look for in a guy before you decide to invest your time in him.
  • What made Rock so good
  • How important is the firey comeback
  • What makes Vince McMahon such a genius
  • What do you think about this comment from Hulk Hogan…”Bret ceased being ‘one of the boys’ when he refused to put over Shawn, BROTHER”
  • Is it true that when you were in WCW you overheard Kevin Nash trashing you on a conference call
  • Will you ever work a angle with HBK
  • What is it like to work with WWE again and how are they treating you