Behind Closed Doors with Don Muraco

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Over the last decades of innovating shoot interviews, one of RF Video’s most popular guests was Don Muraco. It should be no surprise that Muraco’s “Magnificent” label transcends from the wrestling ring to the shoot interview. It took almost ten years, but we have finally cornered the WWE Hall of Famer for a second, all-new shoot interview.

Have you ever wondered what it was like to travel down a Pennsylvania highway in 1984 with the WWF Intercontinental champion? RF Video goes beyond the shoot interview with Don Muraco and sits down with the Magnificent one with a casual conversation. What you will see and hear is what Muraco’s peers likely heard at 1AM after a long night on the road to the next town.

The format was very conversational as we jumped around from topic to topic, territory to territory, wrestler to wrestler, promoter to promoter, and story to story with Don Muraco. One of the greatest promo men of all-time was never at a loss for words when he sat down with RF Video.

The video starts off with casual conversation about Muraco’s early territories. Muraco goes into more detail than he did in his earlier interview about his early years in a rough business. Muraco talks extensively about what it was like for a virtual unknown to travel the territories and make his reputation. The road to Madison Square Garden was a long one and we cover every mile with the Magnificent one.

One of our favorite stories is hearing about how Don broke into the business. Don talks in length about his early years in Minnesota. Some of the best RF Video interviews featured classic tales about Verne Gagne. This interview is no different. Don also recounts his first-ever meetings with fellow Hall of Famers; Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka, Iron Sheik and the Nature Boy himself, and Ric Flair.

Don brings us into the booking office and breaks down the bookers. Don is one of only a few legends to have worked for all of the great and controversial bookers of the 1970s and 1980s. Don has some great stories about Eddie Graham, Vince McMahon, Dusty Rhodes and Bill Watts.

When you think of Don Muraco you think of some of wrestling’s classic, bloodiest wars. Don goes into detail from a booker’s point of view as to the importance of his legendary match with Jack Brisco. Don talks about the circumstances of his feud with Barry Windham and the angle that got it over. Known as one of the bloodiest wre stlers of his generation, Don recounts the first time he ever bled in a wrestling match.

Don also breaks down the psychology of some of his greatest matches and feuds. Don talks about his role as a heel in the Backlund and Hogan eras. Don talks about the differences and changes he made when he wrestled as a babyface and a heel. Don also gets very technical as to how he was able to put guys over and keep his heat at the same time.

Don’s wars with Jimmy Snuka have taken on a life of their own. What was it like behind-the-curtain working with Jimmy? We ask questions about working with Jimmy that nobody has asked Don before. Were there ever plans to put the I-C belt on Jimmy? Don has a shocking answer to this including what he wanted to do different from the office. The conversation regarding this feud is one of the most interesting of all-time to fans like us of this feud and that era.

Don also has some great stories about working with Pedro Morales and their legendary run. Don also breaks down his series with Bob Backlund including their series of 60-minute draws and Texas Death Matches. Don also talks about his run with Hulk Hogan. What were the differences and expectations that the office had with Hogan as compared to Backlund? Don also some great insight about the Hulk Hogan we didn’t see on television. Who was Don’s favorite opponent and what would he have done different if he booked his feuds?

We talk very casually about the politics in the WWF during its biggest periods. What was it like to share a locker room with Paul Orndorff and Roddy Piper with only one top heel spot? Who played the game and who didn’t? Was Don pressured to do steroids in the WWF? What wrestled almost exploded from shooting himself with steroids? How did Don adjust to the new expectations of Vince McMahon, JR in the 1980s? How did Don stay sane on the road? Who cracked? Who came to blows in the back? Did anything ever get out of control in the ring?

We share a lot of laughs with Don when we reminisce about his run with Mr. Fuji. What was he thinking when he shot Fuji General and Fuji Vice? What does he think about the cult status of Fuji Vice? What was it like to be in the green room at a T.N.T. taping? What was life like on the road with the biggest ribber in the business? Don also talks about what a typical promo day was in the WWF, all 17 hours of it.

Don also opens up about his much anticipated return to the WWF for the Hall of Fame. What did Don think of today’s superstars? Who approached Don? What was Vince like? Don also opens up about his former foe Paul Orndorff’s rant at the Hall of Fame. What does the Hall of Fame mean to Don?

The war stories continued all night long with the Magnificent one. Don has some tremendous stories regarding his feud with Rocky Johnson. Were Don’s promos racist? What kind of ribs did the two play on each other? What are his thoughts on his babyface run with Superstar Graham? The stories never end as the feuds in the ring were only a part of the story when it came to Don Muraco’s Hall of Fame career.

Order now and take advantage of a limited supply of autographed copies of the DVD by the Magnificent Muraco. Considering the fact that Don lives in Hawaii and rarely travels to America, a signed DVD is an absolute rarity when it comes to Don Muraco. Make sure nobody’s looking and open up the door, because Don Muraco is waiting to tell you some of the biggest secrets you will ever hear on an RF Video Shoot Interview.

What do you think of the business today
What is lacking
How would you fare in today’s business
What is the difference between working stiff and working sloppy
Memories of your first match
What was your payoff
Memories of your first days training
What did you have to do to protect kayfabe
Was there ever any kind of an initiation period for a young guy like you
How much more serious was the business taken back in your day
What was the Hawaii territory like
Can you talk about the struggles of being a promoter
What prompted you to start running a few years ago
What was the biggest obstacle
Is Pat Patterson the best finish man in the business
What was your favorite finish
A lot of guys from your era say you were a great babyface early in your career, why do you think you were so good
Is it harder to be a babyface or a heel
Which did you enjoy
Who taught you the most about being a good babyface
Who taught you the most about being a good heel
Wha t was your favorite territory and why
Who was your favorite booker and why
Who was your favorite travel partner
Any good road stories
What made you and Backlund so good
Was Backlund as paranoid as some guys say
When you would work a 60mn draw with Backlund, how much of the match did you know before you got in the ring
How much of an influence did the office have on the content of your match
Memories of the first time you gigged
Memories of Andre the Giant
Memories of Gordon Solie
How much of the angle did Gordon know about with you and Piper
Why do you think Ole chose you for that spot
Why do you think you and Snuka got so over
How much different would you work with Jimmy if you knew you guys were coming back twice to the same town
Could the guys today work the same town every month
Compare Vince SR and Junior
Are you surprised that your cage match is still replayed today in clips, etc
Who’s idea was it to reverse Jack Brisco’s Figure 4
How huge was that for you in Florida
Who were your favorite guys to work with and why
Who were your least favorite guys to work with and why
Were you pressured to do steroids in the 80s
How different was your lifestyle now that you were a bodybuilder
You made a lot of money in your feud with Barry Windham by piledriving him on the floor. Are you surprised that something like that is now just a regular spot in today’s wrestling
Why do you think you were put with Piper a lot throughout your career
What makes a good heel
Can you talk about the difference of getting someone over and getting yourself over
How did you develop your promos
How do you think you’d fare today with scripted promos
How did you develop your promos
Favorite matches that stand out
Did you ever spit on guys with the tobacco juice as a rib
Talk about doing interviews with Gene Okerlund
Favorite TNT skits
Did Vince like to party with the boys
Why did you hang it up
Is it tempting to wrestle past your prime
Are you surprised that Ric Flair was wrestling up to just a few months ago
What was your biggest vice on the road
Did you ever attempt to go back to WWF
Did anyone ever try and shoot on you when you were a rookie or a young guy in the business
Thoughts on Ole Anderson
Ole wrote a book and thinks that guys like Hogan and Flair were interchangeable, do you agree
Thoughts on Dusty Rhodes
Did you and Brody ever have problems after matches where guys felt you didn’t sell enough
Could territories work today
What is the craziest groupie story you ever heard
If you were starting a company, how would you go about it
How important was it in your day to not stay in an area for too long
What were some of your favorite feuds and why
Can a great heel exist in today’s wrestling
What makes a good promo
How would Stan Hansen react if he were told to do scripted promos
Favorite promoter to work for
Least favorite promoter
Your best Vince McMahon story
Jim Barnett stories
Do you think wrestling needs squash matches today
Are you surprised that fans from your generation still talk about the time you ate a hot dog and worked a job match
Who do you miss
What makes a good brawl
Drug testing in wrestling
Are you encouraging or discouraging of your son’s wrestling aspirations
Your favorite Mr. Fuji ribs
Favorite Iron Sheik story
Rick Steamboat once said that you guys outdrew Hogan during your run, your thoughts
Thoughts on all of the second generation wrestlers
What is the biggest payday you ever got