Behind Closed Doors with JJ Dillon

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RF Video has conducted a new Behind Closed Doors with the legendary manager of the Four Horsemen, JJ Dillon. This is RF Video’s first Behind Closed Doors video with a manager in wrestling. Just like BCD w/ Jake Roberts was a virtual wrestling textbook on the ins and outs of heel psychology, this new BCD w/ JJ Dillon is a textbook on managerial heel psychology and just overall old school wrestling psychology.

This 3 1/2 hour video is almost like a college professors lecture to students as JJ talks about 70’s territorial wrestling including the ins and outs of the Funk’s Amarillo territory and Eddie Graham’s Florida territory. JJ talks about the booking philosophy of the greatest finish guy in the business, Eddie Graham, and how Eddie and his booker, Dusty Rhodes, knocked heads on many occasions. JJ talks about the heat between Dusty and Terry Funk, and the pros and cons of Dusty’s big show mentality. JJ goes in depth like no one has ever done before on an RF Video shoot about the Amarillo territory, and about the whole behind the scenes issues involving the 70’s NWA World Champion. How the champion was booked, determined, and even if Dory Funk faked a car accident so he didn’t have to drop it to someone he thought wasn’t worthy of wrestling’s greatest trophy. It was all covered. JJ also talks about how Eddie Graham got JJ booked on a WWF Madison Square Garden show in 1984, and how JJ was the last outside talent to ever appear on a WWF MSG show, as Vince Sr. passed away just weeks after this show.

JJ then goes in depth on the psychology of the 4 Horsemen. From the angles, to the promos, to the outside excessive lifestyle, JJ talks about the ride of a lifetime from 1985-1988. JJ talks about why it worked, how it worked, and what was even went wrong. Find out why Ole as a Horsemen, really from a psychology standpoint was wrong, and who he thought was the best babyfaces that fueled the Horsemen’s big business runs.

From thoughts about all the talent he managed, the psychology of the 1 hour match, to why WWF didn’t use him to manage Tully and Arn, it is all covered here. Also find out his opinions of Jimmy Hart, Bobby Heenan, Gary Hart, The Grand Wizard, and who he thought was the best manager he has ever seen. It is all here in this video textbook of wrestling psychology, Behind Closed Door’s with JJ Dillon.