Behind Closed Doors with Kevin Sullivan

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The taskmaster of the Dungeon of Doom. The leader of the Varsity Club, Army of Darkness, and Sullivan’s Slaughter House. The bookerman of WCW. Thru the years Kevin Sullivan has worn many hats and become one of the most controversial men in the modern era of professional wrestling. We all know Sullivan is the ex-husband of Woman, brother of Evad and the innovator of the tree of woe, but now, for the very first time, go inside the devilish wrestling mind of one of the booking greats. A place where no man has ever gone before and come out the other side. Kevin Sullivan, a 27 year professional and the man who put Mike Davis under a spell to act like Dusty Rhodes along with Jimmy Garvins leg while trying to steal Garvins precious wife in angles no one can forget in Florida. A feud with Chris Benoit that is legendary, both inside and outside the ring. Manager of such greats as One Man Gang, Oz, Black Blood, Nightstalker, the Yeti, and the Angel of death. He ran Cactus Jack out of WCW, but couldnt stop Hulkamania, even with an Alliance to end it.

RF VIDEO’s Behind Closed Doors series continues its string of excellence with a two hour shoot with one of wrestling’s most notorious characters. Like Bret Hart, Kevin Sullivan takes us through the inner workings of the wrestling business as he describes, in detail, the art of promos, heels, babyfaces, near falls, hot tags and so much more. You will be learning from a crafty ECW & SMW veteran and Florida legend who was adept at combining both wrestling and brawling in an entertaining package. That’s right, the madman who carved Abdulah and Dusty Rhodes with a fork carves thru the psychology of pro wrestling. A twisted a crazy character inside the ring, but outside the ring, an incredible mind for the business. WCW in the 1990s would have been completely different if Sullivan was not part of it as guys such as Kevin Nash have always credited Sullivan for making sure the heat was kept on the NWO to start that epic era. Sullivan worked in all aspects of WCW, and now hes all over the landscape of pro wrestling in this engaging shoot.