Behind Closed Doors with Paul Orndorff

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Behind Closed Doors, RF VIDEO’s incredible DVD series catering to the fans who want in-depth information from the biggest stars in wrestling, once again outdid itself with an exclusive interview with WWE Hall of Famer Paul “Mr. Wonderful” Orndorff. Unlike your normal shoot interview, Behind Closed Doors goes deeper into the heart of wrestling itself, and who better to explain the intricate details than a former main eventer during a wrestling boom period who later went on to become a trainer himself? “Mr. Wonderful” was there in the ’80s, headlining one major show after another (including the inaugural edition of WrestleMania and The Big Event – both against his greatest nemesis Hulk Hogan), until a freak accident curtailed his career. Orndorff then resurrected his career as a trainer, taking some of the greenest wrestlers you can find and turning them into some of pro wrestling’s biggest stars. Goldberg. Sean O’Haire. Mark Jindrak. Mike Sanders. Chuck Palumbo. All trained by Orndorff. This brand new DVD will let you into the mind of Paul Orndorff, and go step by step through the WWE glory years of the ’80s to the current wrestling scene.


Watching this DVD will be an invaluable experience for anyone who wants to get into the wrestling business, or just wants to find out more about what goes into training and making a great match. Between the insider details, Orndorff also answered all the tough questions thrown at him about his career. Was Orndorff prepared to shoot on Mr. T? What was it really like to work with Hulk Hogan? What were the pressures of being the top heel in the world’s biggest wrestling company? What happened to Mr. Wonderful? Who killed WCW? Did he expect such great things out of Goldberg? All these questions, and much more, are answered fully on this fantastic new DVD. Ring psychology, heel vs. face, working a crowd, comebacks, and feuds, all covered! Let’s face it, a lot of adjectives could be used to describe this edition of Behind Closed Doors. Informative. Entertaining. Hard hitting. But one phrase can truly sum it up, “Pretty Wonderful”