Behind Closed Doors with Raven

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At long last RF VIDEO is able to provide its devoted fans with what is surely going to be one of the most talked about DVD releases of the new year as we go beyond what you might know about one of the most interesting and intelligent characters in all of wrestling. Join us as we go Behind Closed Doors with one of the most unique, hilarious, and controversial men in wrestling today… Raven. Known for having one of the smartest wrestling minds in the business, Raven sat down with RF VIDEO and delivered one of the most honest and intelligent interviews we have ever had the privilege to be a part of. You’ve seen raven do shoots before: nothing is held back and he always brings his experience and articulate perspective to the table.

Our groundbreaking Behind Closed Doors series goes where other shoot interviews dont dare to follow as we get the in-depth stories diehard wrestling fans clamor for. Nothing was “off the table” as we went into the creation of one of the most most popular characters in WWE, WCW, ECW, and TNA, including all the original concepts, and exactly how much of that character Paul E actually understood. Raven talked about how he originally was going to debut his character in Jim Cornettes Smokey Mountain Wrestling instead of the legendary Bingo Hall he ended up in. No discussion of the Raven character would be complete with a look at Ravens Flock, and Raven gave us all the great details of why he likes to have an entourage at ringside. This is the one DVD where the importance of guys like Dancin Stevie Richards is laid out in terms even the laziest of wrestlings “creative” could understand.

We unravel stories from Ravens beginnings as a wrestler in the Pacific northwest, to working the indys are explored in vigorous detail. From stops with the Grappler in Portland, down to Memphis and Florida and much more. Raven has compiled quite the resume and career. In this exclusive DVD, you will hear Ravens thoughts on the wrestling industry’s past, present and future. This includes such topics as Bill Watts and the UWF, heel vs. face, how to be a good babyface, feuds, characters, UFC, brawling, Joe vs. Angle in TNA, and even Trish Status is thrown in for good measure!