Behind Closed Doors with Raven Vol. 2

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The one and only Raven sat down to watch five of his most extreme matches and give exclusive commentary for the latest RF VIDEO release: Behind Closed Doors with Raven volume 2! This is one DVD you’ll be watching over and over as Raven gives incredible detail and his unique take on some of the most exciting and memorable matches in recent wrestling history.

Watch and listen as one of wrestling’s greatest minds picks apart legendary matches and angles including:

1. Raven & Dreamer first confrontation brawl at Return of the Funker
2. Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer at Three Way Dance 1995
3. Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer at Hostile City Showdown 1995
4. Raven & Cactus Jack vs. Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk at November to Remember 1995
5. Tommy Dreamer gives Raven the “chairshot heard around the world” at Heatwave 1995

But wait, that’s not all! BONUS MATCH: Raven & Sabu vs. Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman from TNT Pro Wrestling 4/29/06

This is one DVD you will not want to miss as one of wrestling’s most original and intelligent personalities gives you a peak behind the curtain. Think of this as your chance to watch some of Raven’s biggest matches and angles in the company of the man who was such a big part of them, both inside the ring and out! Behind Closed Doors with Raven volume 2 is now available!