Behind Closed Doors with Steve Corino

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The King of The Old School.


The f***ing God of professional wrestling.

A man who needs no introduction, even though most of his intros average about 25 minutes…

It is time to jump into the RF Video time machine and travel back to the period of ECW. The year is 2000 and a young wrestler named Steve Corino is World Heavyweight Champion of the most hardcore…the most barbaric…but also the most exciting professional wrestling company in North America. For those of you who know exactly what we are talking about, have we got a great new DVD for you. Forget about the Bloodiest Matches other companies are offering, this collection is just as bloody and extreme. Former AWA, NWA, and ECW Champion Steve Corino stopped by the lavish RF Video production offices to participate in our innovative Behind Closed Doors series that combines your favorite wrestlers and their greatest matches. The King of Old School was able to provide exclusive commentary for eight of his favorite matches from ECW. All of the extreme hardcore action that you loved in ECW is represented in its full glory on this incredible DVD, including an absolute bloodbath at a WrestlePalooza show with Corino, Tajiri, and Jack Victory versus New Jack, Tommy Dreamer, and the American Dream Dusty Rhodes! You’ll be able to listen to Steve as he explains in lurid detail what was going through his mind while watching a solid collection of matches showcasing one of wrestling’s unheralded stars.

This new release has a fantastic collection of ECW’s roster representing the best the company had to offer. From Chris Candido in one of his Steve’s initial ECW matches, to the bloody hardcore wars with Sandman and Tajiri, to technical wrestling matches against CW Anderson, Justin Credible, Jerry Lynn and Rob Van Dam! For the first time ever, a collection of all of Corino’s finest matches with commentary from the man himself! What did he think of each match? What did he think of the build? Corino pays close detail to each and every match on this DVD and gives his unique perspective from bell to bell. It’s like having a personal audience with Steve Corino himself!

If you want hardcore brawls…if you want great mat action with your favorite wrestling superstars… if you want insight from one of the most knowledgeable men in the business, then order your copy of Behind Closed Doors with Steve Corino: Old School Expulsion today!