Behind Closed Doors with The Sandman

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RF VIDEO upped the standard of DVD commentary with Sabu: Suicidal Insights. Later we took it to the next level with Meet The Rottens. Now we are poised to deliver the ultimate experience as none other than an ECW legend, The Sandman, steps into the RF VIDEO production studio to do commentary on a great mix of his most outrageous matches! The Sandman, the beer drinking, cigarette smoking, cane swinging ICON of ECW. Now, for the first time ever, hear direct from the man himself as this is the closest you will get to the Sandman without the second hand smoke or the smell of spilled Budweiser. The Icon of ECW meets the Icon of wrestling video innovation as Sandman goes thru his most famous matches in the history of the beloved promotion. From his historic feuds with Cactus Jack, Tommy Dreamer, Sabu, and Mikey Whipwreck, to unforgettable moments involving his return to ECW, the infamous night in Pennsacola, Florida , and finally the end of ECW…


Join us on a wonderful ECW historical journey, thru the matches and the thoughts and words of the Sandman with this incredible match list:

  1. Sandman vs. Cactus Jack – Barb Wire Match – June 17, 1995
  2. Sandman vs. Cactus Jack – Texas Death Match – February 4, 1995
  3. Sandman & Woman vs. Tommy Cairo & Peaches – Singapore Cane Match – May 14, 1994
  4. Sandman vs. Tommy Dreamer – Singapore Cane Match – August 13, 1994
  5. Sandman vs. Mikey Whipwreck – October of 1995
  6. Sandman vs. Mikey Whipwreck vs. Steve Austin – Three Way Dance December 9, 1995
  7. Sandman vs. Sabu – Stairway To Hell January 10, 1998
  8. Tommy Dreamer & Raven vs. The Impact Players Sandmans Returns – October 23, 1999
  9. Steve Corino & Jack Victory & Rhino & Scotty Anton vs. Sandman, Raven, Tommy Dreamer & Tajiri – June 30, 2000 Pensacola, FL (Clips only)