Behind Closed Doors with Tully Blanchard

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This ringside chat focuses on Tully Blanchard and his time with Crockett Promotions. Tully Blanchard discussed, in depth, all his feuds while in Jim Crockett promotions including Ricky Steamboat over the TV title, Wahoo McDaniel, Dusty Rhodes, Magnum TA over the US Title, Rock ‘n’ Roll Express for the Tag Titles, Road Warriors, and the entire ride as a member of the 4 Horsemen and all their stories and various groupings. He discussed all the behind the scenes stories involving these feuds and reasons why he and Dusty worked together so often, why Baby Doll’s run was cut so short, how drugs cost him so much money, and explaining why the Horsemen were as successful as they were and why subsequent attempts to recreate that magic hasn’t been duplicated.

Tully spent a great deal of explaining his philosphy on putting together an exciting wrestling match and how his style is different than many others. He critiqued his “I Quit” match against Magnum TA and some of the things he didn’t like about that match watching it 20 years later.

Tully identifies the exact point when he knew Crockett Promotions was in trouble and who was to blame for this change in business.