Bell To Bell Vol. 1- Al Snow & Bushwacker Luke

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The RF VIDEO crew is ready to unveil its latest exclusive concept: BELL TO BELL. Bell to Bell is an informative DVD in which four members of the wrestling landscape sit down to discuss a variety of subjects. The debut edition of Bell to Bell includes pro wrestlers Al Snow and Bushwhacker Luke along with Steven Johnson, author of several critically acclaimed wrestling books including Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame: the Tag Teams and the Heels. This panel put their years of experience to good use while going in-depth on the topics at hand.

With Johnson’s books as a foundation, the panel discussed two main themes in general: Tag Teams and Heels. Within this framework the group talked about many of the intricate details including: the lost art of tag team wrestling, drawing money, longevity, good vs. evil, the differing types of heels, getting over, and much more. You will also hear specific examples as the men discuss such performers as The Kangaroos, the Sheepherders, the Rockers, the Original Sheik and many others. RF VIDEO is confident you’ll love this new idea as much as we do!

Tag Teams
1) lost art of tag teaming
2) getting the team over
3) drawing money
4) longevity
5) The Kangaroos
6) Sheepherders
7) Bushwackers
8) Rockers
9) and much more

1) heels job
2) good vs evil
3) different kinds of the heels
4) the Sheik
5) Sheepherders
6) getting over
7) and more