Bell To Bell Vol. 2- Iron Sheik & Jamie Dundee

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What happens when you mix the volatile combination of the Iron Sheik and Jaime Dundee? An explosive new DVD exclusively from RF VIDEO! Hot off the amazing success of our debut Bell to Bell series, we are back for more and we lined up two of the most outrageous personalities in wrestling!

The original odd couple, second generation star Jaimie Dundee and the one and only Iron Sheik probably belong in a jail cell together, but instead we put them in front of the camera and let the sparks fly! All of our exhaustive notes went “up in smoke,” so to speak, as these two men got out their gimmicks and put on a performance for the ages! Where else are you going to find out who “the biggest A-holes in wrestling” are? How many times will you ask yourself, “did he really just say what I think he said?!” Sheiky Baby goes off on all the usual suspects, including Warrior, Andres, Hogan, and Abby, and Jaime talks about all the major events in his career; including an alleged altercation with Ken Shamrock. PG-13. Bobby Heenan. Jim Ross. Miss Texas. The Rock. The list goes on and on as the boys talk about anyone and everyone in a way that only they can. We even got the boys to open up on the Michael Hayes/Mark Henry situation and you won’t believe what came out of their mouths!

They may be dazed and confused, but you’ll be laughing your butt off during one of RF VIDEO’s craziest releases of the year!