Best of Abdullah the Butcher – 4 Decades of Bloodshed

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The mad man from the Sudan has been carving up opponents and creating mass mayhem through out the world for longer than wrestling fans have been alive. Wether these extreme acts of violence happened in the USA, Canada, Japan, or Puerto Rico and bloodthirsty fan will get their full share worth as Abby carves up the most legendary performers in the business. This 4 hour DVD depicts the diabolical retrospective of the true hardcore legend in pro wrestling.

1. Abby vs Hulk Hogan
2. Abby vs Dusty Rhodes
3. Abby vs Cactus Jack
4. Abby vs Stan Hansen
5. Abby vs Kevin Sullivan
6. Abby & Original Sheik vs Funks
7. Abby vs Original Sheik
8. Abby vs Bruiser Brody Montreal
9. Abby & Steve Strong vs Bruiser Brody and Hercules Ayala
10. Abby vs Sabu
11. Abby vs Kevin Sullivan (Cage Match)
12. Abby vs Carlos Colon
13. Abby vs Andre the Giant
14. Abby vs TNT
15. Abby vs Carlos Colon
16. Abby vs Bruiser Brody
17. Abby vs Cactus Jack
18. Abby vs Manny Fernandez