Best of Backseat Boys- Trent Acid & Johnny Kashmere

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Trent Acid and Johnny Kashmere have united to become one of the hottest and most charismatic tag teams on the independent scene. They have climbed to the top of every promotion they have worked for with their mix of high-flying, brawling and solid wrestling. Behold the very best of Trent and Johnny as they battle the very best the indy world has to offer with action from several promotions.

1. Backseat Boys vs. The SAT…3/15/01

2. Backseat Boys vs. Dixie & Insane Dragon…6/16/01

3. Backseat Boys vs. The Damned vs. The SAT…5/10/01

4. Trent Acid vs. Johnny Kashmere…6/8/01

5. Backseat Boys vs. Jun Kasai & Mens Teoh…8/19/01

6. Trent Acid vs. Ruckus vs. Johnny Kashmere…9/8/01

7. Backseat Boys vs. VD…9/8/01

8. Backseat Boys & Justice Pain vs. VD & Jay Briscoe

9. Trent Acid vs. Red. vs. Chris Hamrick…11/15/01

10. Johnny Kashmere vs. Dylan Knight

11. Trent Acid vs. Johnny Kashmere…12/13/01

12. Backseat Boys vs. H8 Club vs. Marc Briscoe & Red…11/10/01

13. Backseat Boys vs. Ballard Brothers…2/9/02