Best of Chris Candido No Gimmicks Needed

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In 1986 a young man named Chris Candido entered the world of professional wrestling and over the course of the next 19 years used his skill, sense of humor, and unbridled loved of the business to touch the lives of even the most jaded of wrestling fans. A star in SMW, WWE, ECW, WCW, TNA, Japan and many independent promotions, Chris was known for being a very solid grappler inside the ring and a fun loving man outside of it. From the minute that AC/DC’s “Back in Black” hit the arena, everyone knew they were about to be entertained; whether that be by Chris doing pushups as “Skip” (while hilariously getting Rad Radford into shape), holding up the Triple Threat sign, wearing Rick Steiner-like headgear, losing to Barry Horowitz, or even Chris exposing his bare ass! He was always Chris Candido, a man who needed no gimmicks other then his enormous love for wrestling.
At 5’8″ Candido might have been small in stature but was huge in charisma, talent, and heart. A man who had conquered the demons of the business and life while being well on his way back to the top. The young boy had become a seasoned veteran, with a wrestling mind second to none. He just wasnt someone who wanted to make a quick payday, he wanted the people to love his match as much as he loved wrestling for them. Regardless if it was in the Anaheim Pond for WrestleMania XII, or The Madhouse Of Extreme for UXW, Chris would always give the same thing he was known for: 100% Candido. Sure, there were pitfalls in his life, but the measure of the man is not only what he does with his life, but how he reacts to falling down – and more importantly – how he is remembered by his peers. Chris fell, but got back up, and to this day is a hero for many of the workers in the business

In 2005 Chris Candido left us, due to a tragic accident, while on a grand comeback from the demons of his past. Everyone at RF VIDEO is honored to bring together some of Candidos finest moments in wrestling, along with thoughts on Chris from his peers and the man himself. These two discs only represent a sample of everything the man that Chris Candido was, and the incredible legacy he left behind.

Candido and Tim Horner Interview SMW
Candido vs Rob Eagle (If Candido Loses he has to wear a baby bonnett)
Chris Candido SMW Interview
Chris Candido vs Bobby Blaze (Thanksgiving Thunder) Turkey Match
Chris Candido vs Ricky Morton
Chris Candido & Brian Lee vs Rock N Roll Express
Chris Candido vs Tracy Smothers (Ladder Match)
Chris Candido/Tammy Sytch Brian Lee SMW Interview
Chris Candido vs Ricky Morton
Tammy Stych, Chris Candido, Brian Lee Workout Video SMW
Chris Candido/Lance Storm vs Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten
Chris Candido vs Rob Van Dam
Chris Candido vs Matt Striker
Chris Candido vs Jay Lethal vs Mike Kruel
Chris Candido vs Homicide
Chris Candido vs Sandman
Chris Candido vs Lance Storm
Chris Candido vs Sabu
Chris Candido vs Al Snow