Best of Matt Striker Head of the Class

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From a east coast wrestling star to a rookie in the WWE. Matt Striker has certainly graduated at a fast rate to the “Head Of The Class.” This 2 DVD disc set takes a look at some of Striker’s best matches on the East Coast pre-WWE. Here is the lineup.

Disc 1
Stiker & Josh Daniels vs CW Anderson & Simon Diamond
Stiker vs Johnny Storm
Striker vs Low-ki
Striker vs Josh Daniels
Striker & Daniels vs Hidaka & Fuita
Striker & Simon Diamond vs Chris Candido & Bam Bam Bigelow

Disc 2
Striker & Simon Diamond vs SAT
Striker vs Chris Chetti vs Frankie Kazarian
Striker vs Chris Candido
Striker vs John Walters
Striker vs Chris Hero
Strikers Farewell To The Indy’s