Best of Super Crazy- Caribbean Luchador

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Super Crazy earned star status in the United States with his exciting style and top notch matches in ECW. Now see this former ECW world television champions best work from his current home in Puerto Rico. Youll see some of Crazys early work and all of his most recent bouts since making Puerto Rico his full-time job after ECW went out of business. The Insane Luchador tears it up with over 3 hours of his best action from the Caribbean!!!

1. Super Crazy vs. Miguel Perez- Carolina, PR 5/99

2. Super Crazy vs. Jeff Hardy- Carolina, PR 5/99

3. Super Crazy vs. Tajiri- Carolina, PR 5/99

4. Super Crazy & Paparazzi vs. Juventud Guerrera & Shane Hill- Juana Diaz, PR 10/26/00

5. Super Crazy vs. Rastaman- Yabucoa, PR 10/27/00

6. Super Crazy vs. Shane- Bayamon, PR 10/28/00

7. Super Crazy & Taka Michinoku vs. Andy Anderson & Vyzago- Carolina, PR 11/23/00

8. Super Crazy & Taka Michinoku vs. Hill & Bargas- Manati, PR 11/24/00

9. Super Crazy & Tajiri vs. Anderson & Vyzago- Trujilloalto, PR 11/25/01

10. Super Crazy & Hurricane Castillo vs. Zaruxx & D-Lo Brown- Fajardo, PR 8/2/01

11. Super Crazy vs. Angel vs. Zaruxx (Hardcore Match)- Cayey, PR 8/3/01

12. Super Crazy vs. Zaruxx- Moca, PR 8/5/01

13. Super Crazy vs. Justin Credible- Humacao, PR 9/7/01

14. Super Crazy vs. Mike Awesome- Bayamon, PR 9/8/01

15. Super Crazy vs. Tommy Diablo- Humacao, PR 9/9/01

16. Super Crazy vs. Ikuto Hidaka- Trenton, NJ 11/26/99 bonus ECW match

17. Super Crazy & Tajiri vs. FBI- Schnectady, NY 11/10/00 bonus ECW match

18. Super Crazy, Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck vs. Hot Commodity- Poughkeepsie, NY 11/11/00 bonus ECW match

19. Super Crazy vs. Tajiri- Poughkeepsie, NY 11/11/00 bonus ECW match