Best of Terry Funk in Japan

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Well if you like crazy sick & bloody matches than let the Funker show you what it is all about!

1. Terry Funk & Mr Pogo vs Tanaka & Hayabusa (No Rope Eletric Barbed Wire Landmine Explosion Match)
2. Terry Funk & Ono vs Nakamaki & Araya (Fire Deathmatch)
3. Terry Funk vs LeatherFace (Cage Match)
4. Terry Funk vs Cactus Jack (No Rope Barbed Wire Match)
5. Terry Funk & Yamada vs Freddy & Boogie Man
6. Terry Funk & Yamada vs Cactus Jack & Tiger Jet Singh
7. Terry Funk vs Onita (Land Mine Barbed Wire Deathmatch)
8. The Funks vs Bruiser Brody & Stan Hansen
9. Terry Funk & Yamada vs Mr Pogo & Nakamaki (No Rope Barbed Wire Match)
10. Terry Funk, Yamada & Yamashita vs Mr Pogo, Nakamaki & Gran Sheik (Barbed Wire Bat & Sake Bottle match)