Bill Dundee Shoot Interview

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What was life like growing up in Australia
Is it true that you are a former Trapeze artist?
What was the wrestling scene like in Australia
Were you a fan
Who booked the territory
When did you know you wanted to give it a shot
Were you discouraged at all early on because of your height
What was training like
How did your trapeze background help
How did Australia run, was it a territory, were the towns close, etc
What lead you to coming to the US
How did you wind up in Memphis
Who was booking at the time
Early memories of Jerry Jarrett and Eddie Marlin
Can you talk about the rat/groupie scene in Memphis
Was your goal always to just headline Memphis
What do you remember about Lou Thesz when hed come in
Early memories/thoughts on Jerry Lawler
Early memories on Jimmy Valiant
How did you wind up teaming with George Barnes
Early memories of Dennis Condrey
Memories of your series with Tojo and Eddie Marlin
Memories early on of Jackie Fargo
Did you ever get to work with Danny Hodge
Memories of Jack Brisco
Thoughts on Phil Hickerson
Who did you enjoy traveling with the most in the 70s
What were the pay offs like
Any good road stories
Memories of Andre the Giant
What were the politics of the area like at this time in the 70s
What do you remember about you first feud with Lawler in 75′
Thoughts on Nick Gulas
What was the rivalry like between your company and the Poffos
Were you apprehensive when the Poffos eventually came to the territory
Early memories of Tommy Rich
Do you think the stories are true about him and Barnett and the NWA Title
Memories of Plowboy Frazier
Thoughts on Bruiser Brody. Good or bad for business
Memories of Rocky Johnson
Initial memories of Dutch Mantell
Memories of Ernie Ladd
What happened between May and July of 1977 that changed the booking from Gulas to Jarrett
What was the war like between Gulas and Jarrett
What did you think of Jerry initially as booker
You and Lawler main evented his first show, correct?
Memories in the match in 77 where your wife got her head shaved and how did you approach her about it
Did it bother you that when Harley came in that he would always work Lawler and you never got a shot
Memories of Wayne Ferris
Memories of the Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl
Do you think you guys were the pioneers of hardcore
Why do you think there is so much heat with he and Lawler
Early memories of the Iron Sheik
Early memories of Hulk Hogan
Are you surprised at his success
Memories of your series with Jos LeDuc
Thoughts on Austin Idol
Are you surprised he never went to Vince
Memories of your 60 mn draws with Lawler
Was there ever a time when Jerry told you to leave for awhile because you were getting stale
Memories of your series with Paul Ellering
What did you think when you found out that Bobby Eaton was dating your daughter and were you mad about it
Memories of matches with Onita
Thoughts on Ricky Morton
Thoughts on Eddie Gilbert
Thoughts on Doug Gilbert
Thoughts on the Rock N Roll Express and Fabulous One gimmicks
Memories of matches with Nick Bockwinkel
How did you wind up leaving and going to book for Bill Watts
Thoughts on Bill Watts
What do you remember most about booking there
Did anyone refuse to do a job or a program for you
Do you think Eddie Gilbert stole your job
Why do you think Bill never made it nationally
Thoughts on Eddie as a booker when you worked for him in Memphis
What was the most difficult thing about being booker
Is it tempting to book yourself on top
Memories of Andy Kaufman
Did Andy try and work the boys
Memories of Jimmy Hart
Memories of Bam Bam Bigelow
Memories of Mick Foley
Memories of Scott Steinter
Memories of Dustin Rhodes
Memroies of Ric Flair
How did things change when NWA cut off its affiliation and it was strictly AWA
Memories of Verne Gagne
How did it come about that you and Jerry got the AWA tag belts
Why was the reign so short
Memories of Undertaker
Memories of Sid
Memories of the Von Erichs and were they as out of it as people say
Did you bring Jamie around a lot
Were you surprised when he wanted to be a wrestler
Memories of your feud in 86 with Steve Keirn
How ironic do you think it was when Jamie and Brian were headlining
Thoughts on Billy Travis and the day he got arrested on television
What did you think when Jerry was in trouble for fooling around with the girl
What do you think killed the territory
Thoughts on the whole Larry Burton deal
Thoughts on Buddy Landell and any good stories
Why did you leave for a little while and work for Crockett
Memories of the territory
Did you like it better or worse than Memphis
Thoughts on Dusty
Memories of Starrcade 86
Memories of Wahoo McDaniel
Thoughts on the Horseman
Thoughts on the politics of the area
You didn’t stay that long. Why?
Memories of working a few shows in Kansas City in 87
How did things change when you came back to Memphis full time in the late 80s
Memories of a young Jeff Jarrett
Are you surprised he hasnt called you for TNA
Do you think he can be a top draw in TNA
Memories of Robert Fuller
What do you remember about Doug Gilberts “shoot promo” on TV
Thoughts on Terry Funk
Memories of Scott Hall
Who were some of your favorite Memphis managers
Do you think Jerry sold everyone out when he got into bed with the WWE
How did you wind up in WCW managing William Regal
Thoughts on Regal
Thoughts on Bischoff
Did you want to wrestle or did you like managing better
Why did you leave
Early memories of the Rock in Memphis
What happened when you pulled a knife on Wolfie D
Thoughts on how things have turned out for your son
Thoughts on Jerry Lawler overall over the years?
Lawler in his book said you and he had a real rivalry. Do you agree?
What do you attribute the recent success of Cory’s promotion
Thoughts on Cory Macklin
Thoughts and stories on Lance Russell
Thoughts on when Lawler ran for Mayor
Do you like wrestling heel or face better
Are you surprised by guys like Terry Funk and Flair who have been around this long
Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today in wrestling
Who are some of the guys you worked with that you thought had great potential that never realized it
What was your favorite time in your career
What is your favorite moment in your career
What do you think is wrong with the business today
Did you ever refuse to put anyone over and if so why
Would you like to be inducted into Vince’s Hall of Fame
Thoughts on Kid Kash
Would you be interested in working there as an agent
Two years ago you wrestled a scaffold match, how dangerous was it
Who do you think is the most overrated worker you ever worked with
Can territories work today
Do you have any plans to write a book
How close do you still follow the business
At what point in your career did you have to get another job besides wrestling and what do you currently do
Do you think Jerry should have looked out more for you later on