Bill Irwin Shoot Interview

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One of the last great journeyman wrestlers of the last three generations is “Wild” Bill Irwin. Along with his brother Scott, the Long Riders dominated the territorial world of the National Wrestling Alliance. The Long Riders may wrestle in Texas, Tennessee, Japan, and Georgia all in one week. If there is a man with a story to tell, it would be “Wild” Bill Irwin.

Bill Irwin sat down with RF Video and took us for a trip down memory lane. Drop a name and Bill could tell you a story and a half about that person. Whether it is a wild road trip, carrying his inebriated opponent to ten minutes, traveling overseas, a bloody war, various bookers, drugs, alcohol, and the rock and roll life, Bill Irwin talks about it all in this shoot interview.

Bill may be most known to newer fans as part of the revolution known as World Class Championship Wrestling. Along with the glory of WCCW, came tragedy. Bill recounts 72 hours of madness surrounding the death of David Von Erich. Bill was the last person to see David alive. Bill talks about the plane ride to Japan with David, his last hours in Japan, their last conversation, and the madness that ensued once the news broke about David’s passing. It is the most detailed account of one of pro wrestling’s biggest mysteries that you will ever hear. Were drugs flushed down the toilet as Gary Hart claimed in his shoot? You will have to watch the shoot and find out how Bill responds to Gary’s accusations.

If you don’t know Bill from the various territories, World Class, or even his days as Super Destroyer, you may know him as someone else. The Goon! Bill talks about winding down his career in the WWE as the Goon and why he thinks this character is still engrained into current WWE culture. Will you see the Goon again on your television set? Watch the RF Video shoot interview and find out.

Here are the list of questions that we talked about with Wild Bill. Bill also spent alot of time talking about the day that David passed away because he was the one who found him.

Howd you get started
Was the training more difficult than you thought
What was the kayfabe like for a young guy back then
Memories of working for Central States early in your career
Talk about paying your dues back then
Memories of your first match
Thoughts on Bob Geigel
Memories of Ric Flair
Memories of Harley Race
Early memories of Skandor Akbar
Who was the captain of calling your matches with Scott
How did you develop your interviews
Memories of Memphis
Memories of Jerry Lawler
Thoughts on Jeff Jarrett
Memories of matches with Jimmy Valiant
Memories teaming with Larry Latham
Memories of matches with the Gilberts
Memories of matches with the Poffos
Thoughts on Bill Dundee
How did you wind up in World Class
Initial impressions of Fritz Von Erich
How bad was the drug scene in World Class
Did you ever have a problem working with anyone that partied too hard
Thoughts on how the business changed such as WWE?s Wellness Policy today
Memories of matches with the Von Erichs
Whos idea was it to put you and your brother under masks
Could a masked gimmick get over today
Memories of Gary Hart as a booker
Did you ever get in the crossfire between Hart and Ken Mantell
Memories of your first Japan tour
Could you tell there was something cutting edge about World Class
Any good road stories
Memories of matches with David Von Erich
Some say he was the best wrestler of the boys, do you agree
Memories of wrestling Chavo Guerrero at the Super Dome
Memories of matches with Roddy Piper
Memories of matches with Iceman Parson
Memories of Bruiser Brody
What do you remember about the night David died
Gary Hart claims that drugs were flushed down the toilet, true?
Did WWE cut anything out of your interview
How out of control was the partying in WCCW
Are you surprised at the resurgence in WCCW interest
How did things change in WCCW after the Freebirds angle
Do you think that feud gets too much credit for WCCW?s success
What caused you to leave
Memories of Ole Anderson
Memories of Tommy Rich
Memories of touring with All Japan
Memories of Roddy Piper on the tour
Memories of Giant Baba
Did you like the style
How did you wind up in the AWA
Did you think the AWA would compete with Vince at the time
Memories of Verne
A lot of people say he was out of touch, true
Scott Hall in our shoot said he didn?t like working with you and your bother, what are your memories of those matches
Memories of matches with Curt Hennig
Memories of matches with the Road Warriors
Memories teaming with Harley at Super Clash against Baba, Tenryu, and Tsuruta
Memories of matches with the Rock N Roll Express
How sick did your brother get before he passed
Was it tough to keep wrestling while he was sick
How hard was it to keep going
Could you see the business changing in the late 80s
Did you ever worry when you saw the territories evaporating
How did you wind up back with Bill Watts
Thoughts on Eddie Gilbert as a booker
Memories of teaming with Leroy Brown
Memories of matches with the Fantastics
Memories teaming with the Angel of Death
Were you surprised Watts sold
How different was World Class when you came back in the late 80s
Memories of matches with Chris Adams
You went to WCW in 89, howd that come about
Initial impressions of Jim Herd
Thoughts on Ric Flair
Memories of matches with a young Sting
Memories of matches with Brian Pillman
Memories of Terry Funk from this run
Memories of Paul Heyman
Memories of a young Sid Vicious
Memories of the Steiners
Memories teaming with Terry Gordy in Japan
Thoughts on Abdullah the Butcher
Was it hard to not have a big role at that time
Why do you think you didn?t get a bigger push
How did you wind up in Global
Did you think itd succeed
How did you wind up in Global
Whyd Global fail
Memories of Mick Foley and Scott Levy from Global
Memories of a young John Hawk
Was Joe Pedicino over his head
Did you think Lightning Kid and Jerry Lynn were too over the top
How did you wind up back in WCW
What did you do from 94-96
How did you wind up in the WWF
Who?s idea was the goon
Memories and thoughts of Vince McMahon
Who did you like to work with the most up there
Did you think the gimmick would get over
Thoughts on Shawn Michaels
Any good road stories
Were you surprised when Steve Austin started taking off
Did you have an idea that Vince was going to drop you from the roster
How did that happen
Did you ever try working with ECW
What led you to retire
How did you wind up back for the gimmick battle royal
Did you like it
Any good Iron Sheik stories
How had things changed
How were you treated that night
What makes someone a good heel in your opinion
Is there anyone that made it that surprised you and is there anyone who didn’t make it who you thought would
Do you still watch wrestling
What are your thoughts on all of the deaths of the past few years and which in particular hit you hardest
Thoughts on UFC and comparisons to pro wrestling
Do you want to write a book
How did you wind up working with the WWE on the Von Erichs DVD
Will you be doing more projects with them
Is it hard to adjust to life after pro wrestling
What do you do today
Fav ribs and road stories
Favorite ribs
How did you wind up back last year
Did you like it
Any chances of coming back
Thoughts on the lack of kayfabe today
Do you still have a passion for the business
What do you miss most and least about being a full time wrestler