Bill Watts Shoot Interview

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This is one hell of a shoot interview. Bill Watts is the man who made wrestling famous with his Mid South territory and the UWF. This is our first interview with a wrestling promoter. Bill Watts has a major reputation in this business for being a tough guy to work for. In this shoot interview we asked him about how he got started in the business. You will hear how he became a booker in Florida and then in OK. He talks about how he bought the territory in OK and made it a success. He talks about why he turned the Mid South into UWF. The problems he went through with the UWF while going head to head with the WWF and NWA. We asked him about pushing his son too soon and you will love his answer. He tells stories about a ton of wrestlers that he has worked with like the Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Lex Luger, Rick Steiner and more. You will hear tons of stories of JYD–Freebirds–Ted Dibiase-Dusty Rhodes-Jim Ross– Steve Williams–Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt–Rock N Roll Xpress–Jim Cornette and more. He tells for the first time why he sold the UWF and what went wrong. He talks about his battles with the WWF and about how Vince and him talked during the battle on the phone. Hear what REALLY happened when he went to WCW. He talks about his problems with Scott Steiner and Paul Heyman. He talks about the interview he did that lead to problems with him in WCW. You will learn about all the road blocks he had to deal with in WCW with the politics. Talks about Jake Roberts. He talks about his views on drugs and steroids. Talks about why he quit WCW. Talks about how he got into the WWF a few years back and why he left after a few months. This was without a doubt the best shoot interview ever. We have never interviewed someone as open as Bill Watts. You will be shocked at what he has to say about today’s wrestling. This one is a video you will watch a million times. There are a million stories about the UWF and Mid South Wrestling as well. This video contains tons of profanity and is a total shoot!!!!!! All comments are Bill Watt’s views. RF VIDEO INC. did not edit any of this interview so it will SHOCK you